moghunter treasure popup

  1. cellicom

    MOG - Treasure Popup + cellicom Mobile Black Box Fix

    Hi to all, I have developed this fix for myself, but I think it might be useful to someone. I read several threads with this issue MOG - Treasure Popup (v1.1) + cellicom Mobile Black Box Fix (20220430) RPG Maker MV Plugin Moghunter + cellicom Features ● It displays the icon and the name of the...
  2. Zinnherz

    Conditional Loot & Visible Item Drops

    Hey guys! I'm at a loss here and I was wondering if anybody might be able to help me out. So I'm using MogHunter's Treasure Popup Plugin and wanted to implement conditional enemy drops as well. So naturally I picked Yanfly's Extra Enemy Drops Plugin. I know, I know, a lot of these plugins don't...

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