1. A-kun

    RMMV Compatability problem with Mog's BattleHud + Yanfly's BattleEngineCore

    Version: 1.6.2 Plugins: YEP Battle Engine Core, MOG Battle Hud (If I could provide a link to that specific plugin, I would; but I can't. The plugins are provided in the demo if it helps. :kaocry:) Demo: Download Link I can say that on the bright side, the two plugins at least work together...
  2. Elgigante94

    MogHunter has disappeared.

    Hi folk, Somebody know what's happened to MogHunter? His webiste has been deleted, his tweeter & his youtube chanel has been deleted too. I hope nothing happened to him. If anybody have any...
  3. Kurot

    RMMV Plugin Bug Support: MOG_CharPoses

    Hello everyone, everything good? I need help with a MogHunter plugin that you can download via this link: In this link it is possible to download several plugins, but what is giving me a headache is the MOG_CharPoses plugin. I tried to...
  4. RMMV Similar Mog Scene

    Hello everyone, I would like to find any plugin that has a similar RMMV – Scene File. I try to make it, but it shows an error. I hope if you can help me. Thank you.
  5. jd336

    Moghunter Chrono ABS Engine - NPC that attacks enemies

    Hi, I've been trying to make an NPC ally that can attack enemies alongside the main player in my game. So far no luck, is there a way to make this work? I created a fight scene where I can battle a clone of the main actor and everything works fine attacks, skills, weapons etc. but can you turn...
  6. Vis_Mage

    RMMV MOG Battle HUD - Change how HP/MP bars are Drawn back to Default

    Hey, I have a bit of an odd request. I'm attempting to use MOG's Battle Hud plugin (Xillia format, although I'm not sure that matters), and am running into an issue with how it interacts with some other plugins regarding HP and MP bars. In particular, Moghunter's plugin completely changes how...
  7. DarkSearinox92

    RMMV MOGHunter HPGauge - Add total HP

    Hello guys. I tried to understand the script but i can't figure out how to add the total HP of a monster, near the actual hp. This is the script: I thought that it could be more cool in a way like this... where at left you have actual hp, and...
  8. Kristina

    RMMV MOG Chrono - Enemy stay dead

    I use Moghunter's Chrono plugin in ABS mode. When I defeat an enemy and enter a different map and then go back to the pervious on the enemy will be back again. Is there a way to make it so the enemy stay dead?
  9. Karbonic

    RMMV MOG Char Poses Plugin Commands?

    Hi! I'm using MogHunter's Char Poses Plugin, and I was wondering if there are any ways to force a character into a certain pose graphic using Plugin Commands. In the help file, only two plugin commands are defined, enable_charposes and disable_charposes, which are just to turn the plugin on and...
  10. ccarsas

    MOG - Consecutive Battles (v1.1) (Adapted for MZ)

    All credits to the author. Author: Moghunter Original version for MV. Editor: ccarsas (Myself :p) Translated by me. Hello all, this is a plugin created by Moghunter, it let you make consecutive battles as the name says. So you can defeat enemies in waves. I made some changes to make the plugin...
  11. HiddenAlchemist

    RMMV Help with modifying MogHunter's SceneMenu (Edit: Solved)

    Edit: Someone on Discord helped me and it now works correctly. First off, I apologize if this is the wrong board. I was not sure if it would better fit in JS support or requests. I've been trying to modify MogHunter's SceneMenu plugin for MV. And although I've got half of what I want to work...
  12. TheeWARIO

    RMMV How to resize a MOG, plugin? "MV"

    I'm going to be using Moghunters TitleParticles from Moghunters "Custom Title Screen". Everything works great but I have 1 issue the area of effect is the entire screen and I need it to effect half of the screen. How can I change the size of the area it effects? To give an example I attached a...
  13. Kristina

    RMMV Hide Tool Hud in Chrono Engine

    Hi game makers! I'm using Moghunter's Chrono Engine plugin and I want to hide the tool huds on certain maps, but I can't seem to make it work. I've tried using tool_item_visible: false but doesn't work.
  14. Karbonic

    RMMV Need help with MogHunter's Chrono Engine

    Hi! I'm currently working with Chrono Engine, and most of it seems to be working well, and everything seems to be in place (Toolmap is properly in 001, etc) but when I go to attack or use a skill, I just get a buzzer sound effect, and my characters are unable to do anything but defend for the...
  15. Kristina

    RMMV Moghunter ABS - count killed enemies

    Hi game makers! I'm using moghunters chrono engine ABS. I got a sort of puzzle game where I need to count the enemies I kill and when I get to a specific number of kills something happens. However, I'm kinda lost on how to do it. I tried during it using variables and then a conditional branch...
  16. Kristina

    RMMV Chrono ABS Shooting through walls

    When I shoot using Moghunter's Chrono plugin (ABS) then the bullet go through walls. Is there a way to fix that, so when the bullet hit a wall then it disappears?
  17. How I can make Boss Battle death explosion or more collapse in Moghunter Chrono Engine ABS?

    Hi I need help with making boss battle death explosion, not like to fade out (demo version). I know how to make cutscenes, but I don't know about the boss battle death explosion or more collapse. If anyone knows, please, answer. Thank you.
  18. Kristina

    Chrono Engine Player Invisible

    I've downloaded the Moghunter's Chrono Engine V2. However, the player is invisible...also in play test. Does anyone know what can be the cause of that?
  19. RMMV Split and freely position menu commands

    Hello RPG Maker Community I'll get straight to the point. What I'm looking for is a way (at best a plugin) to freely move the commands in the main menu of RPG Maker MV (e.g. Items, Options, Save, Quit). At the moment this menu is a single object, which in the best case can only be moved...
  20. Kristina

    RMMV Moghunter Actor Hud doesn't work

    Hi guys, So, I'm using moghunter's actor hud and I'm using the heart one. It shows fine, but the heart doesn't lower when I lose HP. I've looked through it and I can't see what I do wrong. I'm using Moghunter's chrono engine demo to make my game in and I just copied the images in and as I said...

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