1. Vanessa

    (Moghunter) Move the shown command menu.

    well, this rather petty question but i really need helps since i had zero experience on scripting. once you look up this image, you will understand what i try to point (i hope XD) anyone have idea to move the shown command menu to center? note: I'm using moghunter battlehud and battle...
  2. Nightblade50

    Script Conflict? Crashing in Battle

    Hey. I am using a few scripts for the battle in my RPG Maker game. 1. Galv's Animated Battlers 2. Moghunter's Battle HUD Ex 3. Mogunter's ATB Now I have this one battle in which halfway through, another character joins the fight. I set this up with an event triggered to run in the battle, using...
  3. Help!!! Moghunter's LMBS Type Error keeps occurring

    I would like some help with figuring out why Moghunter's linear motion battle system plugin for RMMV and it won't work properly in my project. I'm new to all of this and it's all very confusing but I start a new project and import the files in all the folders replacing any that may need to be...
  4. Gravemaster

    Mog's Save Window with Quick-Save Custom Script

    Hey. I recently got all of Moghunter's scripts ( from his Master Collection and amongst them was a super-fancy save script, which I will include below: Moghunter's Script: I will also include the necessary images for the script to work, obviously all credits...
  5. Momochy

    Weather Plugin Command - How to use?

    Hello! I'm new here, so I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong thread or if this is just a really stupid question in general. I recently downloaded Yanfly's "Plugin Command" feature, along with Moghunter's weather plugin. While I'm quite certain I've installed all the necessary .js files &...
  6. LvdvE

    Bug with Moghunter Pickup and throw script

    Hello, I have a problem with the Moghunter's script "Pickup and Throw": When I activate the action key on any empty event, where there is just an appearance. Then it displays the following bug: "Script "MOG - Pickup and Throw" line 304...
  7. Moghunter's Active Chain Commands target issue

    Good evening, I'm currently using Moghunter's Chain Command plugin to produce combos, but I got somewhat of an issue that the chained single target skills won't hit the previously targeted foe but a random one. Link to the plugin: I'm also...
  8. Moghunter's Title Screen add Credits help!

    Well I've been using Moghunter's title screen plugin and I need help to add a credits menu. Thanks for all the help!
  9. Threepwood Jones

    Moghunter's LMBS - changing default attack (to a dodge)

    So I know this is a bit of a long shot, but I've been trying to figure this out to no avail. My problem is basically this: I would like to modify the default attack for players in this battle system, and turn it into a dodge, leaving the skills for attacking purposes. I've approached this from...
  10. ZwenZockt

    RMMV (Mystic) Tales of Mana - Action RPG

    Hi. I wanted to introduce you to my project (Mystic) Tales of Mana, a 90s action-style RPG. For this I use the graphics set of Time Fantasy and Moghunters Plugin: Chrono Engine. Currently, the game content is still in German, but a translation into English follows. Have a look on Facebook or...

    Moghunter LMBS and Consecutive Battle compatibility

    Hi! I'm still fairly new to Javascript, so sorry if this question seems poorly worded or in the wrong subforum because I don't know if it counts as plugin support or learning JS. I've been messing with Moghunters LMBS, and I wanted to use their Consecutive Battle script as well. There is a...
  12. KazukiT

    MOG Hunter Battle HUD disappears after using Yanfly Change Battle Equip

    Moghunter Battle HUD: Yanfly Battle Equip: Whenever I use the Change Battle Equip from Yanfly it makes my Moghunter Battle disappear.
  13. Krystek_My warning

    I will just paste Yanfly's articles, just to warn you. They aren't mines. If posting it it's not allowed, or it was posted somewhere else, moderation, please delete it. They have stolen scripts from Yanfly, Moghunter, Victor, Galv, and more, and some of them cost money.'s page...
  14. RoseofElandil

    Change picture for MogHunter's Actor CM Script

    Hello there, sorry to be asking this, but I was stuck on this issue for awhile... I'm using Moghunter's Actor Picture CM script, and it creates an actor image in the format of ( in battles. I was wondering if there's someone kind enough to help me out by adding a function...
  15. MogHunter's Battler Poses Script help needed

    I've been trying to use MogHunter's Battler Poses script in my game, however, the poses don't change when an enemy dodges an attack or when they are missed, which is something I would really like to have work. I've been trying to fix it but the closest I've gotten when playing around with the...
  16. Accatosh

    Pictures stuck on battle result screen - Moghunter's Battle Result with Yanfly Plugins - RMMV

    Hello! I am using RPG Maker MV and I've got a problem with Moghunter's Battle Result. I am also using these plugins: And the problem is that some of the picture made with the plugins by Yanfly doesn't disappear when the battle result screen shows up. I have marked the pictures that I want to...
  17. dotKuhn

    'Wait' Battle command

    I'm using Moghunters' ATB Battle system and Cooperation Skills (Link: The thing is, there are 3 avaibles ATB: -Wait: ATB Stops during player turns -Semi: ATB Stops ONLY during a command window or target selection) -Full: ATB never...
  18. nekochan1594

    Character creator and chrono trigger plugins working together?

    Is it possible to use sumrndude character creator with the chrono trigger based battle system by mog hunter? I mean, chrono trigger plugin requires different character poses like dash and stuff. I was wondering could I use the whole character creator layout to be completely compatible with...
  19. Ameer

    Old MogHunter Demo

    Hey I was wondering how can I get old version of Demo of MogHunter rpg maker demo I don't know if this is right place if it isn't move it to right forum I actually want to get old version settings of MogHunter Weather Ex
  20. Random Panda

    Plugin compatibility help

    Hi forum, I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me out. I am using Moghunter's Battle Cursor Plugin ( and it worked fine but it seems to have some kind of conflict with Yanfly's selection control found here...

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