monogatari menu

  1. Trying to combine MogHunter's Monogatari menu with SumRndmDde s Stat distribution

    I am utilizing off these plugins in my project and i love the way that the MogMenus look and feel. The issue is when i then load up the Stat Distribution menu and it looks like basic RPG maker again. Is there any way making the Windows from RPG maker generated windows invisible, leaving only the...
  2. -Solace-

    MOG's Monogatari Compatibility.

    I've been using a lot of MOG's plugins and they have served me insanely well in customizing the GUIs and HUDs as an alternative for Luna's Engine. That thing cost me $60 and I can't get it to work properly without errors. Anyway, are MOG's Monogatari plugins compatible with Yanfly's? I'm mainly...
  3. Fitferfer

    Moghunter Menu - looping to the left - RMMV

    Hello! I'm using Moghunter's Monogatari menu plugin, and would like to add the ability to simply press "left" to have the menu cursor selection go to the final selection on the right, rather than having to hit "Right" 9 times to get to Quit. Here's the plugin...
  4. Shirona_Kurayami

    Adjusting Moghunter's Monogatari Menu to a wider screen size (MV)

    Hey i just recently found Mog's Monogatari menu and fell instantly in love with it. Sadly the game I'm planning will have a wider resolution, about 1280x720 or so and i have no clue of Java script and scripts in general ^^" So it would be nice if someone could help me understand at least the...
  5. SleepyMachine

    Moghunter Monogatari skill scene TypeError

    So, I'm using the Monogatari skill Menu scene, and every time I try to use a skill from the menu itself I get this: The only plugins I have loaded at this point (to see if it was an incompatibility) are the Monogatari SceneMenu, SceneItem, and SceneSkill
  6. SleepyMachine

    MogHunter Monogatari Menu + YEP_PartySystem

    So, I've run into a slight issue with the Monogatari menu's from Moghunter ( and using Yanfly's Party System ( The problem is that even when characters aren't in the main party; they still...
  7. Tonedawg181

    SOLVED! Help with MOG's Menu System. Width of Items Selected on Equip Screen.

    EDIT: So my issue was the selected/highlighted item on the Equip screen. While using moghunter's "monogatari" menu, basically what is happening is it takes the width of this bar from the default menu layer hidden below the new custom menu. The reason this was a problem was, because if you also...
  8. Tonedawg181

    Little Fix for Moghunter's MV Menu System Skills Screen XY SW Par Problem

    EDIT: Moghunter updated his skills screen with this fix, so if you download the newest version this will already be fixed, you could also do what I did though if you prefer. I'm not sure if every release of this script has this issue but I'm using the one that came with his Master_MV_18_3r zip...

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