1. tale

    RTP VX Large Size Battler

    VX battlers that's resized to fit in with resolution of 544x416. Probably suited for pictures. Includes all 56: Angel, Assassin, Asura, Bandit, Bat, Behemoth, Captain, Chimera, Cockatrice, Darklord, Death, Demon, Dragon, Earthspirit, Evilgod, Evilking, Fairy, Fanatic, Firespirit, Gargoyle...
  2. MushroomCake28

    Monster characters

    Hey everyone, since I'm planning on doing a tactical rpg game after my current project, I will need many many monster characters. Does anyone know some good resources? The resources must be: - Usable for commercial games. - Allow encryption. I would also prefer that the resources be: - Free to...
  3. Chicken Fetus

    RMVXA Cat Story (Animal Survival Horror)

    *Warning: Some violent, morbid and creepy content. This is not a child friendly game despite the cute kittens. If your not interested in this project but can think of something that could make the concept more interesting to you, please let me know. Xerhoul's Creatures: A Cat's Story A Survival...
  4. Chicken Fetus

    Chicken's Art

    Some art I've made over the years for various concepts. I didn't include my pixel art since most of that was meant for development of a video game. edit: I found some older pixel art of mine that wasn't mean for game development
  5. OnslaughtSupply

    RMMV A Monster's Heart

  6. OmnislashXX

    Some Original Fantasy Type Monsters

    For those who like to create Monster Battlers, I'm going to put you to the task. Simply put- I want some original Fantasy type Monsters. What do I mean by original?! I mean no crazy, far out there, what the heck is that type of monster. Tyler Warren makes great stuff for instance- He just...
  7. Alien9000

    Picture shows up after character is done talking

    I have a cutscene where the main character talks. And also another event in the same areaa for the cutscene event. I have the monster event, because I want the monsters graphic to show up after the character is done talking. So I tried to make the monster wait 100 frames in the first page. The...
  8. TheJuuuuJuuuu

    Enemy Book (Bestiary) like in FF

    Hello everyone! I am currently working on a project in advanced stage with RPG Maker MV and up until now I've been using the "EnemyBook" plug-in that came with the software. However, the more I use it, the less attractive it becomes to me. For a very-close-to-FF-RPG, a bestiary like in some...
  9. Side Quest - Mini Game - Item Drop thing - I don't know the proper place for this idea.

    OK, i have been going through the database for this concept that i have to for the OCD collector's to get fight mobs that drop “ITEMS” of that specific mob. Them to put that item into a compendium of items collected from those mobs to give party boosts to parameters and maybe drop rates and...
  10. tale


    MPP_EnemyEntryAfterStart - 2018/03/23 (ver. 1.0) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Enemy will appear after the battle begins. Features When the Enemy image loaded completely, - Enemy appear by falling from the top in Front-view battle. - As well appear from the left in Side-view battle...
  11. Shineypawn

    RMMV Pass and create - monsters are people too

    I have been using the rpg maker program since I was 11 years old - In the last 18 years I've been creating games on occasion, but never really finishing anything. Always starting games, but never finishing them. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this Also, i've tried to cooperate with people...
  12. HeathRiley

    Monster Catching Mechanics

    Hello everyone! A while ago we had a thread going on ways for monsters in games to evolve or power up. Today I wanted to see what people thought with the actual mechanic of catching a monster to add to your team. Acquiring monsters can usually be done a number of ways: trade, gift, catch...
  13. Rubescen

    Rubescen's Tiles and Sprites (updated July 2019)

    Hi all. [UPDATE July 2019] So I've been making numerous tiles for my current project Opal. But I had a number of tiles that didn't fit the style, I'm adding them here for anyone to use if they find them helpful. Abyss Dungeon Tiles (Updated July 2019) These are all in one file, you'll need...
  14. HeathRiley

    RMMV A Dungeon Crawler with Monster Catching

    Hello! As the title states, I'm interested in making a dungeon crawler with monster catching. I will describe it as directed in the forum guideline and post a small proof of concept demo. Game Mechanics: The player will fill out a team of monsters and traverse various dungeons to proceed...
  15. Melina

    Add Mosnter Drop Quest

    I just begann with my first game and I think for the first time its pretty good but there is one thing I dont understand. Where or how you make Monster Drop Quest or item quest. I wanted to do it like that, that the faher of the second "Hero" wanted that I bring him 5 Monster Eyes and thats a...
  16. Couple of Questions

    I'm new to RPG Maker and I have a few questions: Is there a way to create a HUD that would display character's name, picture, items equipped, etc? Also is there a way to have the HUD change based upon equipped items (example: it takes 2 MP to summon an equipped magic skill, the HUD will show...
  17. starlight dream

    RpgM2003 Rtp Recolours, Edits and some Conversions! (14.Oct.2017)

    Hello dear dreamers of the world and welcome, In this thread I'll be posting edited material of the RTP Graphics of RpgMaker 2K3... Most of it consists of recoloured graphics, but there are a few edits as well (by me) and a few conversions from other RpgMakers' RTP. Now The Boring Terms of...
  18. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Custom Monsters for Current Project

    Decided that we should post the custom battlers we have come up with for our game thus far. Helpful feedback would be appreciated (hateful flamespamming will not), but really I think the main goal is just to let people see what we have been working on...will update periodically, as we have quite...
  19. Negi-Mox

    Need to get maked a chracter of this image!!

    Hey everyone,I just changed my profile pic.So as I posted this thread by the title you can guess what I need here is the image: I could have maded I chracter by myself but I know nothing about chracter making.And yes I need the chracter Vx Ace But you can make it for Xp then i will convert it!!
  20. callmedan

    Japanese monster charset

    Hi! I'm in need of Japanese monster charsets. Maker Format: XP Art Style: XP RTP or Mack size Description: I'm looking for Kappa charset but if there are more kinds of monster would be nice :) Thanks a ton!

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