1. Sir-Drass

    Looking for someone to make a few(3) Sprite sheets

    Resource Type: I am looking for two sprite sheets and two face shots for some monsters in my game. I need a color variant of one of the sprite sheets as well as its corresponding face pic for dialogue. I don't need any other variants for the faces. Maker Format: RPG Maker MV Art Style: Either...
  2. Skotty TV

    [STV] Plugins | STV_MonsterCards

    !!! STV_MonsterCards v.0.61 !!! :Author: SkottyTV Latest Update: Description: This will add a simple Card Collector Game to your Project. - Create/Add your own Cards! - Create your own Booster Packs! - Cards split into 3 different Series! - Each Card has unique stats like ATK, HP, DEF. -...
  3. Vis_Mage

    Monster Sprite Request

    Hello! :) I'm hoping someone help me create a cute creature sprite for my game? Resource Type: Overworld Character Sprite Maker Format: VxAce (although MV is fine too) Art Style: RTP (Chibi) style Description: I'd like to make a cute dumpling-esque monster. I have an image below to base it...
  4. Demi_Fiend

    Tengu Battler

    Hello everybody!:kaohi: I'm looking for a regular sideview enemy sprite for a Tengu, in a style similar to the old Final Fantasy games. It doesn't have to be exactly like the image, but should have the traditional red mask and wings, and should wielding twin katanas (Japanese swords). Size...
  5. somenick

    Here, I contribute some monster images for you

    Hello! I did some recoloring of RPG Maker MV's monster characters, to spice up variety a bit. Feel free to use in both commercial and non commercial games. No need to give credits. Place in /characters folder. Since the original images were made by Enterbrain, their terms apply. Enjoy! -...
  6. Koi

    Monster should be chasing, but stops in front of me.

    I've got a monster in a narrow passage way that is supposed to chase you and when you run into it, it begins a battle. This works perfectly as it needs to, except for one thing. If you stand still, the monster stops a tile in front of you, not even up against you just a tile away. Move down one...
  7. yumekakaro

    Make Monster only walk on specific tiles?

    I'm really really sorry if this is somehow posted in the wrong place... this is the first time I'm using this site >g< So, in my game, there's now a water-flower-monster thing and I want it to have a random walking route. But I only want it to be able to walk in the water. I don't want it...
  8. mightYXu

    Large Animations

    I've just started using RPG Maker MV so I'm very much a newbie. Atm I'm figuring out my options for creating large scale animations. I want to animate a giant snake like body on the map. It's a simple concept, just one part repeating, moving forward with a slight rotation. This would have been a...
  9. Switches / Variables inside monsters ?

    So I've been wondering for quite some time now ..can we put switches or variables on / in monsters data ? if so how to ? to make myself clear i'll put an exemple  Exemple 1: each time u kill a certain monster a certain variable add by 1 or 2 or x  Exemple 2: in a fight where u kill a certain...
  10. Vis_Mage

    Cute Monster Overworld Sprite

    Howdy!  :) I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me out with an overworld (character) walking sprite for an unique monster in my game? In particular, I'm looking for a sprite of this little melon cutie: As far as size goes, VxAce style is the preferred sprite size, but...
  11. Kip

    Editing the Character Generator

    Hello! it's me, back again, trying to do things that RPG Maker MV would rather I not do~ Today, we are making changes to the Default character Generator built in to RPG Maker MV! wooo! You see, it has come to my attention that the RPG maker software's limitations make in game characters be...
  12. Oraclegames

    Monster Chase

    I have this monster chasing the main character however the player has to touch it before it's a game over... How do I make it to where if the monster touches the player it's a game over instead of the vice versa?
  13. Gabrelik

    Gabrelik's MV Stuff (New Halloween Battler)

    Hi! Welcome to my page! Look around, and if you see something you like, have at it! :D Terms of Use: Please credit Gabrelik for any original material, and while reposts are always okay, please link back to this thread when referencing this material elsewhere. Edits are fine...
  14. Skotty TV

    [STV] Plugins | STV_BeastBook

    !!! Beast Book v.2.5 !!! :Author: SkottyTV (Thanks to Yoji Ojima for the base idea) Latest Updates: Description: This will add a Beast Register to your Game including - Achievments! - Kill Counter - Animated Enemies - Drop Items - Skills ...and many more! Screenshot: Commands...
  15. 2 Shadow 1

    How to make a monster chase you when its clearly off the screen

    Hi, everybody! I have the following problem... I have set a monster to chase me, but when its clearly off screen (away from the camera) it simply seems to stop. (about 7 'blocks') The monster is set to 'through' so it can't get caught by objects. Thanks in advance!
  16. Help with Yanfly Monster Level script

    Hello, I've decided to start using Yanfly's Monster Levels script which is amazing btw, but I've come across a little problem/bug not sure what it is. My issue is this, in my game I'm trying to simulate things realistically from an economy stand point. For example, player fights slimes and...
  17. AthenaWhisper

    How to create Rare Monsters using Yanfly's "Swap Enemies" Plugin

    Anyone here that has played any game like: Diablo or Path of Exile and even Pokémon or Final Fantasy; will be familiar with the concept of a Rare Spawn. For those of you that aren't, a "Rare Spawn" is a variation of a monster, or perhaps an entirely different monster, that has only a small...
  18. Matt Beer

    Toby's Island by Matt Beer

    Welcome to Toby's Island, a 90's style RPG that follows the story of Toby, a boy whose lineage destines him to defend an island from a terrifying darkness imprisoned at the islands core. On the journey you will craft tools and potions, farm plants,, and collect monsters while...
  19. Needs help with a monster summoning script

    Hi, I'm rather new to RPG Maker and don't quite understand scripts all that well. I found a script about having monsters summon other monsters though I don't quite understand the instructions on what to do. If somebody could please help that would be amazing! Here's the script itself...
  20. RavenBlackbird

    Sprited SV_Enemies

    I didn't like how the art style of enemies didn't match the art style of player characters. So I decided to make actor sprites based from them. I'm including a reference Sprite for each battler just so it'll be easier to reposition the battlers in the troop tab. Also, this would need an animated...

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