1. Play As Monster?

    I'm new so If this was posted in the wrong section i'm sorry. I tried to read ll the rules but i'm not sure where my post goes. I was wondering if its possible in RPG Maker to have the playable character be a monster. Like an actually monster. Not a green human, Not a knight. A CREATURE.  ...
  2. wzackw

    Monster Garden Screenshots

    I have been working on my first RPG Maker game for the past few months, called Monster Garden. Concept: Meeting scary monsters in scary places and turning them into friendly monster friends in your very own Monster Garden that slowly gets bigger and better as you advance. Characters: I'm...
  3. Marston

    Looking for MV Monster as Character sets

    Resource Type: Character Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP Description: Hello there. The MV only has 8 (16, if you count the evil and 24 if you count the big monster) character sets for their monsters. However, I need character sets for as many monsters as possible, especially...
  4. DreamX

    Capture Enemies

    Introduction Use a capture skill/item on an enemy and they will be defeated and the actor they are set to will be added to your party, if the capture was successful. You can have as many duplicates as you want. How To Use  Put <capture_actor_id:x> into the notetag of an enemy, with x as...
  5. Hawkadium

    More Drops from a Monster

    I noticed we are only able to add three different item drops per monster.  Is there a way to change this? Thank You,
  6. Justice

    ~ Ækashics Librarium ~ | Animated & Static Battlers |

    Welcome to Ækashics Librarium ! a free resource repository for animated and static battler resources for your games! please before downloading and/or using these assets, make sure to read our terms of use, have fun! We unveil new releases every two weeks on Tuesday of the running month, so...
  7. Jeremy Cannady

    Monster Breeding System

    Monster Breeding System BreedingSystem v1.0 by Jeremy Cannady Introduction This script creates a monster/actor storage box system. Do to my ongoing monster breeding script I felt this script also needed to be created. Features 1.Breed monsters/actors. 2.Includes egg system. 3.Set...
  8. Jeremy Cannady

    Monster Storage Box

    Monster Storage Box MonsterStorageBox v1.0 by Jeremy Cannady Introduction This script creates a monster/actor storage box system. Do to my ongoing monster breeding script I felt this script also needed to be created. Features 1.Add monsters/actors to the storage. 2.See a few details...
  9. Jeremy Cannady

    Monster/Actor Breeding

    Monster/Actor Breeding v0.2   Please test!   Plugin Command: newEgg 1 3 Where 1 is the actor id for the father and 3 is the actor id for the mother.   Hello yall.    I am in the process of creating a breeding program for mv. If anyone is interested please let me...
  10. 0sleepy0

    Seth animal sprite(HUGE REQUEST)

    Resource Type: Character Maker Format: MV or Ace (as long as it's about the size of mack type horse  ) Art Style: Mack or MV Description:  Info from wiki:Set animal, or sha, is a chimerical beast, the totemic animal of the god Set. The sha is usually depicted with three distinguishing...
  11. McTone

    MV Rat Actor Side View Battler

    Resource Type: SV Battler (Actor) Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP Description: What I'm looking for (and would super duper really appreciate!) is an actor style side view battler sheet that resembles a rat. Basically, what a side view battler would look like if a rat joined your party. It...
  12. Mr. Trivel

    Monster Book

    Name: Monster Book Version: 1.1 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2015-11-04   What does it do? Adds a Monster Book to the game which can be accessed through Plugin Command or Menu. Monster Book records and holds info of all enemies you killed what loot you gained from them. *Note: Suited for...
  13. DoubleRaineBow

    Chase System Help

    Having troubles with a chase system I have for my game. As far as I know, I have the monster appearing randomly whenever the player enters a room and chasing the player down by using conditional branches, variables, and common events. What I don't have down is getting the monster to go through...
  14. cockroach

    Animated RTP Monster Characters

    Hi guys! I've been animating the RTP sprites to perform attacks and a death stance. I'll be uploading them here as I finish. My first intentions were using them with GTBS, so the down sprites tend to fit a 32x32 square. Previews:   Terms of use: Well, I say everyone is free to use...
  15. Horror/scary monster/creature sprite needed please help

    I want to make a horror game but I'm not an artist and I need a monster/creature that is bloody or scary, maybe something that looks half human but far from it, anything that isn't cartoon looking. I do not have money too pay someone too make one, the only thing I can do is give you a shout out...
  16. Benjamin Kuli

    Companions (A parody of monster catcher games)

      DESCRIPTION   Welcome to the world of Companions. In this world, your weirdest dreams will come true. You're capable of collecting... well, companions. If you haven't realized it from this game's title already. In other words: your dream to beat up a grandpa by your zombie dog become true...
  17. bwr1123

    Monster Synthesis System

    So I've asked around a bit, and I'm still in need of assistance. This is a bit of a task, but if it can happen, I would be incredibly grateful. For my game, rather than the persistent (and somewhat annoying) random encounter system, I want to create a system where the player can not only bring...
  18. Blinn

    Game difficulty settings that change enemy AI

    Hi there! I've looked around the forums for a bit for a script that lets you modify enemy AI behavior depending on what difficulty setting you choose. In my case, I want to put in 3 modes: Monster Intelligence - Normal, Smart, Devious Normal changes nothing. Smart checks the monsters' stats...
  19. Rixis (릭시스)

    Simple Sprite request

    Hello, I have a simple sprite request I like to make for anyone who is willing to do it. I am a big fan of this monster card from yugioh. I don't think he is too complex of a character. But here is some reference pictures incase anyone feels otherwise. Let me know if more pictures will help...
  20. Alkorri

    Any emoset for face Monster 7?

    Hi there everyone :) Referring to this, does anyone know if there is an emoset for the hooded bloke in Monster 7? I tried searching Google with little luck, so I'm wondering if I should scour the Japanese sites.

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