1. How to make a chasing monster (Like Ao Oni)

    Hi there! I'm making a horror game and I noticed alot of people wanted to know how to make a monster that chases you through different maps and I came up with a way that worked for me. I hope you can use my system! NOTE: If you want a video tutorial click here! Switches and Variables The...
  2. GPR cireneG - Play an RPG from the dark side!

    Hi there, fellow Makers! So I used this contest not primarily to win, but to kinda take a break from my "actual project" and see what's possible with basic RTP assets plus scripts, no parallax mapping, no folderol. And I can't say that I'm disappointed. Try it out, if you will. If you like it...
  3. Looking for Vampire Emo Set

    Hey Guys! I'm trying to locate an emotional set for a Vampire character, I have found some great sprites but can only find two faces, one in Vamp form, one in human form, both with similar expressions! Here is the face set:  I'm looking for a standard 8-face set of both 1 and 2 in VX Ace...
  4. Kattriella

    Big Monster RTP Sprites?

    Not really sure how to start this, so I'll just jump right in. I'm working on a project, and in it the team has to eventually face several monsters from the "Big Monster" character sets from the RTP (see below) Problem is, I'd really like for the monsters to be able to move around the map as...
  5. Monster book (collect enemy data when killed)

    Hey! Recently bought VX ace and I've had a lot of experience with VX previously, so now I'm trying to shift over my last game into this one. And one thing that I really miss is a script I had of KFC named Enemy guide. It looked roughly like this when you accessed it through the menu screen...
  6. Fonstw

    [SOLVED] RPG VX Ace Monsterbook

    Hello dear RPG Maker VX Ace Community, I have been looking for a Monster Book-script for RPG Maker VX Ace, but all the Monster Book-scripts I can find for Ace only give the following information: But those things seem somewhat uninteresting for a player, since the stats don't matter as long as...
  7. Roman Resource help

    hi, i was wondering, i need charsets (im using yanfly visual battlers) for romans and anything else ancient-medeavel time. Monsters, soldiers and civillians alike would be thanked, as im making a game based on ancient europe, the story line happens in britain but after all of europe is there to...
  8. IXVI

    Moving monsters?

    does anyone know any good scripts on how to make monsters move while awaiting their turn in battle? then, move to hit you?
  9. Monster uses skills against other monsters

    Hi I noticed that when enemies fall in confusion state (attack an ally) only use the normal attack skill. I was wondering if there some kind of script that allows the enemy to use their skills against their allies.
  10. Dacuna

    Monster Getting Me?

    So I want to get a monster trying to catch me, and when he does, it's game over, so I need to run. I thought I could just make the monster event trigger with "Player Touch", but that doesn't work because when I stand still, he's standing right next to me and he can't get me because I have to...
  11. Paladin-Cleric of Awesome

    Slime Quest

    After much consideration I have decided to remake Slime Quest so that it can be the best little game it can be. This means new artwork, new maps and a longer, more engaging storyline. It may take me a while to finish it completely, but I hope to have a playable demo ready within the next month...
  12. zeraf

    Des Dump: Characters n Stuff

    Awsome! I'll be sure to credit you

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