1. Sparky89

    Monsters sprites that are 9 x wide?

    How to use Monster_sv sprites that are 9 x wide and 6 tall? Thanks.
  2. Sparky89

    Monster sprites needed (MV)

    Hello all, in my current project i'm wanting on screen MOBS ( characters ) Does anybody have any links or places i can go to get some Walking character sprites for monster enemies Thank you.
  3. tale

    RM2k RTP Animations, Battlebacks, and Monsters for XP

    Some scale work are involved to fit in with RPG Maker XP. Animations are scale 2x with nearest neighbor. These animations are suitable for projects with pixel aesthetics. Contains- Arrow, Axe, Barrier, Bite, Blow, Breath, Buff, Claw, Dark, Debuff, Earth, Explosion, Fire1-2, Holy, Ice, Other...
  4. Kristina

    Ways to get monster parts - ideas?

    I hope this is the correct place, if not I'm sorry. I'm making a game that focus on crafting, finding items, develop friendship with NPCs, quests etc. so basically no battles. To be honest, I considered having some battles but only to get specific items for crafting. That would be bat wings...
  5. tale

    kotonoha* - Escape Lost Gold (Escape Penalty)

    EscapeLostGold - 2016.05.16 ver1.1 Creator name: kotonoha* Overview You lose your gold when you run away in battle Amount of gold lost is calculated 25% of total gold amount from monsters in battle. Note1: Since escape rate has been modified, it may conflict with other battle plugins. Note2...
  6. tale

    6 Gargoyles Battlers and Faces

    I extracted them from "Gargoyles" in Titles2 and done some minor restoration to few who are cut off a bit. These are interesting design variations and can be used for battlers. Doesn't have to be called gargoyles. Preview: Dropbox link-...
  7. Matseb2611

    Matseb's MV Resources (SV Battlers, sprites, etc)

    Hi everyone! I kept meaning to start a thread for my MV stuff, so here we are. I have an old thread with a tonne of stuff in the Ace resources subsection, so be sure to check it out as well if you haven't yet. So in this thread, I'll be posting MV-related resources. A lot of these appeared in...
  8. TheObermotz1

    How to randomly spawn Events in a certain region ID?

    I wanted to know, if there is a way to make Events spawn randomly in a certain region ID. By that I mean, they can spawn on any tile, as long as the tile is within a certain region ID. In my game, I want the monsters to spawn in the overworld where the player can see them and fight/avoid them...
  9. KingKraken

    Battle Intros(similar to pokemon in approach)

    Hows it going, I'm trying to see if such a plugin or way of starting battles exists. Basically, in my game, I have battlers with collectible monsters that fight a long side them. However, it's kind of clunky for battles to start with everyone just there. So I'm wondering if anyone has found any...
  10. XIIIthHarbinger

    Of Gods & Monsters

    Hello gentle people of the interwebs I've come to share a perspective & to pick your own brains in kind on a particular topic. Namely the question of the development of culture, religion, & the like in fantasy, as it pertains to monsters & demihumans, or more often the lack thereof. To...
  11. lCHOKSl

    Help Urgent to take questions

    Hello everyone, I am new here and I am new to the RPG Maker engine. I recently bought the RPG MAKER MV and I have an excellent game idea to create but I have a lot of doubts and I would like to know if you would help me? my doubts are: 1-Where do I get good scripts to by in my game? 2-How do...
  12. tale

    Battlers - VX Ace RTP edits / Broken Treasure Chest by SalonTigro Drake

    I'm reposting with permission from SalonTigro Drake. By- SalonTigro Drake To download, here's a link to the webpage: Then find and click on the "Download" image bar which links to Only users of RPG Maker VX...
  13. l8rose

    L8rose's General Resources [7/5/2020]

    :Credit: L8rose :Non-Commercial: Just credit me and you're golden :Commercial: Not for Standard Commercial (see contests for special circumstance) :Contests: May be used in games for contests. Commercial after a contest is okay provided you contact me first about using the artwork and I...
  14. Looking for monsters for a game like D&D

    Hello, I'm doing a D&D (5e) style game and I'm looking for a large amount of monsters. I'm trying to fill out a list of something akin to the d&d (5e) monsters manual. There are quite a few monsters in there so if i have to leave a few out it's not too big of a deal, but I'm looking for a pack...
  15. monsters, portrait, sprite (closed)

    the picture you requested can be used by others too credit: dodokajet (not required)
  16. Phoenixsylph

    Placing Animated Enemies & Sprites in game? ;w;!

    >x< sorry I'm a little new to this part. I noticed yanfly has an animated sideview enemy thing, but i noticed lack of monster sprites that walk around in game-- I looked around for people who were kind enough to let me use their stuff with credit ;w...
  17. Animebryan

    'Repel' only monsters that are weaker than you

    Is there a way to only 'Repel' monsters if they're weaker than you? Say like comparing a monster's stats against a actor or the stat average of the party?
  18. Phoenixsylph

    FREE Looking for: sprite artists, monster makers, Plugin assist

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: "Quest of the Feral Queen" This project is going to have a very jrpg like feel, the main character is a long time dungeons and dragons character I have used, and it's starts off with her backstory. Some of mine and my friends DND characters will be in game. As...
  19. Parallax Panda

    Minimum number of unique enemies & monsters

    When creating an RPG the battle system is usually a big part of it. And a big part of the battle system are a varied set of fun enemies that you'll gradually encounter throughout the game. Now, how few UNIQUE enemies (not counting possible recolored sprites) do you think is the ABSOLUTE...
  20. Character Sheets Needed

    Resource Type: Characters Maker Format: VX Ace Art Style: Dark, evil, fleshy, bloody, monsters Description: We just recently moved to a side view battle system for our game. In it, you play the classic villain from all the old RPGs but we find ourselves limited on which monsters you can...

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