1. batch

    Fraexcel's Shop

    5/15/20 UPDATE: due to no longer being attached to any of these resources, and them being easy to make on my end, they're all okay for commercial use or whatever you want. I ain't care. Throw my name in there if you want. Go nuts, it's between you and God. Hi! Hello! I've made a few sprites...
  2. Tibletoad

    monsters as party memebers

    Hello  all here :) i am at the mmoment busy with a game, and for that  i want some characters for.  now that i have the zombie survival dlc,  i am  trying to make the zombie monster sprites as character sprites, but i somehow  cant  do it and when i google it  i could not find anything that...
  3. JayNyne's Monster Sprite Sheets

    All updates are first made at on the VX Ace Forums so yeah... So basically my game uses an abs. Specific monster sprites are hard to find so I made some. I'm a complete beginner and have about negative zero (it's not even a number) idea what I'm doing when it comes to making sprites. So you...
  4. Matseb2611

    Matseb's Resources (free for commercial use - tiles, sprites, animated battlers, and more!)

    Update (21/02/2018): Heya guys. I've overhauled this post and removed all the broken image links. Thanks! Hi. This thread contains all resources I've made or edited together and released for public use. Many of these have been released in previous ReStaff releases, however, there'll also be...
  5. How to hide a monster if im using XAS script?

    I want to hide a monster when player go into the map, and unhide it when a certain switch is turned on. How can i hide the monster?
  6. GrandmaDeb

    Deebs' Zelda, Monster, and other fine resources

    Some great edits by Deebs. Feel free to use these in your games with credit to Deebs, commercial or non-commercial. Zelda stuff and resized horses are my favs. First thing on the table- some cats in different colours with some new poses/animations. I mostly made these so I could have stray...
  7. Paladin-Cleric of Awesome

    Paladin-Cleric's Art Workshop

    Ook, so I've been getting into doing my own artwork. But I need more practice drawing and colouring online. To that end I am opening an Art Workshop. So, please, if my style interests you, make a request and I'll do my very best. Characters Monsters I will be redoing these more in the...
  8. wrigty12

    Encounters determined by a variable

    I have a time system set up for a portion of my game. I use a variable to represent the current hour said time is. Is there a way to make certain encounters only appear during certain "hours"( i.e. when a variable is a certain value range?) For example: When variable is from 10-18, daytime...
  9. Litzana

    So, I'm guessing this goes in here - Monster/place encyclopedia?

    Hello, everyone! So, I'm going through on my merry way creating my world and such and then I thought - damn, people aren't going to know a blind thing! Basically, I want to implement an 'encyclopedia' of sorts into my game, one where when you encounter a certain person, or place, or monster...
  10. Treegen

    Holders animated monster problems.

    So i recently go the victors actor battler, animated battler and basic module for my project and i watched a tutorial on how to get your battles up and running (side view) and everything works pefectly. slimes hornets scorpions bats & rats all work but the moment i try to plug in the "MudSlime"...
  11. Koi

    Two monsters disappearing at once?

    I have a part in my game where there are trigger tiles that cause monsters to come out of the walls (well, thorny thickets). I have some tiles that make more than one come out at the same time. However, I want it so that when you run into and defeat one of the monsters, both that and the other...
  12. Lunarea

    Monsters Legacy 1

        We are happy to announce the newest in the line of high fantasy resources: Monsters Legacy!   This massive pack contains hundreds of monsters and characters to fill all your enemy needs. To read more about the pack, see screenshots and a video, click here.   Bonus! This week, use the coupon...
  13. Reedo

    Proposal for Creature Creator Program (just looking for artists interested in participating - not re

    This is not a request for ideas on how to make a creature creator. This is a proposal to interested artists who would like to work on the project. I would like to create a small image editor application that allows users to choose from a selection of body parts and construct a monster image; a...
  14. Paladin-Cleric of Awesome

    Monster Spites

    I need me some monster sprites. As my game is all about the monsters I need more sprites than Ace and DS and Samuari gives me, preferably with them able to move in all directions. Could anyone please help me find some? any at all will do, just,monsters! Thank you!
  15. Jesse - PVGames

    Pioneer Valley Games Resources - Official Topic

    Welcome all to the official Pioneer Valley Games forum topic. Here you can find some of the latest information and updates about current and future products, and you are also free to share your ideas and requests as well. If you want even more in-depth information, head on over to: Pioneer...
  16. lloydsmith

    Production Team: DWM

    I would like to join as an eventer, I also could help a little with scripting (not much experience but can do programming). I also have extensive experience with the dragon warrior monster series, playing all of them (except 3) and logging tons of hours on the original.

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