1. Luxray Gaming

    VE_Enemy Skills and Moogle_X_EquipmentLearning plugin help

    Okay, so I'm having issues getting VE_EnemySkills to works and I have a few compatibility issues with MOOGLE_X_EquipmentLearning that I'd like to see if I can get some help with. VE_EnemySkills Ok, the Enemy Skills plugin by Victor hasn't been updated since release back in 2016. With the way...
  2. ramza

    Addition/change to Moogle_X's equip skills system plugin

    Hello there. I am looking for someone to make a change to Moogle_X's Equip Skill System plugin. Found here. He hasn't been around for a few months, so I don't expect he'll be able to make the little change I want. In his last update, he did modify his plugin so that individual skills...
  3. Chaos17

    Moogle_X Passive skills plugin

    Hi, Can someone update Moogle Passive skill plugin to be compatible with Moghunter Battle command, please ? Because at the moment Moogle X option to hide passive skills (tab) doesn't work. He already made it compatible in the past but Moghunter made an update and it diesn't work since...
  4. Moogle_X

    Traits Extension Bundle

    Traits Extension Bundle v1.02 by Moogle_X Introduction This plugin expands the traits option in your database by adding entirely new kinds of traits that you can use to increase the amount of customization in your project. All of these new traits are very flexible. They can be...
  5. Moogle_X

    Equipment Learning

    Equipment Learning v1.23 by Moogle_X Introduction This plugin allows actors to learn new skills by equipping certain weapons and armors. Each equipment now possess some innate skills that can be learned by any actors who equip it. Any skills that come from equipment require...
  6. Moogle_X

    Passive Skill

    Passive Skill v1.14 by Moogle_X Introduction This plugin allows actors to learn passive skill. Passive skill, unlike offensive skill, is a skill that grants permanent traits bonus to the actor who learn it. Passive skill can increase actor's parameters, give status resistance, increase...
  7. Moogle_X

    Equip Skill System

    Equip Skill System v1.46 by Moogle_X Introduction This plugin adds equip skill mechanic to all actors. Each time an actor learn a new skill, that skill will be added to his/her "Skill Pool". That actor can access all the skills in their Skill Pool and equip some of those skills...
  8. Moogle_X

    Actors Friendship System

    Actors Friendship System v2.08 by Moogle_X Introduction This plugin adds friendship mechanic between the main actor and other actors of your choice. Each actor has their own friendship value that can be increased or decreased multiple ways. As the friendship value grows, that...

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