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  1. Devildimos

    Playing more than 1 Animations on 1 event/player on map [RMVX ACE]

    Ahoy Hearties! Avast Ye! Today I was doing a big test run throughout my game... And I simply got annoyed about the Limit cap of animations that can be played simultaneously on one Event/Player. I went through the default rpg scripts to see if there was a way to increase this and found out that...

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A part of me wants to return back to the beginning and first two chapters and remake them with parallax map. But I have decided not to. Every chapter is just another step in the journey. No need to walk back unless I have to revise dialouge.
Hey guys! Good news!
I just released the Games from Brazil - Part 2 on my Youtube Channel! I am really happy that part 1 had 100 views and I hope more people will be interested to see the potencial of Brazilian Game Devs!
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