more frames

  1. Parallax Panda

    More battler frames plugin(s) - solution?

    So, I'm trying to add more than 3 frames for my battlers but I can't find a plugin that's able to do it which is not also outdated. For various reasons, I have to use the latest MV version and the only two plugins that I know of that can do this does not work (anymore). Here's the plugins I...
  2. vico

    The Chrono Trigger System

    Hi! It's me again! This time i want to talk about some parts of this incredible JRPG by Square-Enix. If anyone have interest in make even one part only i would be forever thankful! PS.: This post is an "improved" version of the prior topics i've made. Due to the intrinsically nature of all...
  3. d_a_renoir

    MultiFrame Sprites

    Ah, a script for multi-frame for Ace! Thank you for making this. This even looks easier than the other one I found. I don't get the "%" sprite thing, though. Am I supposed to name the custom sprites with % in front?

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