mouse controls

  1. OpheliaEnigma

    MouseHover Plugin

    Mouse Hover Plugin+1.0.0 OpheliaEnigma Introduction Allows the player to highlight menu options by hovering with the mouse. Features This plugin allows the player to highlight menu options by hovering with the mouse. This works for the show choices command, menu options, etc. How to Use...
  2. NinjaKittyProductions

    RMMV Sniper Prototype

    I was messing around with a couple of plugins trying to see what kind of effects I could come up and manipulate. Using TDDP- MouseSystemEx with @Krimer fix (found here) and @Magnus0808 Camera Mouse Move, I was able to come up with this nifty little game... mini-game?... I don't know what to call...
  3. Single Click Mouse Movement

    As you know in RPG Maker MV, when we hold to clicking left mouse button we can continuously move all around the map. What I need is when I click a tile with left mouse button, my character must just stop in that tile even I hold to clicking left mouse button over another tile. For example; the...
  4. I need support in Vlue's Basic options menu (RMVXACE).

    Hello, Basically, I want help in two different functionalities I want to add. I am a beginner in programming and don't know too much, as Ruby is my first experience in the area. For first, I would like to add an option in the options menu so I could allow the player to change a game variable's...
  5. oToToToToTo

    Ogre Battle: MOTBQ Party System

    I'm looking for something probably not possible in RPG Maker MV: Mouse based, set-destination, based movement. When you are controlling a party you click and you set them to auto move to this location, while freely panning around the map. Basically, RTS style movement. I was looking at using...
  6. Yo Ewan

    Custom Mouse Input

    Hello there, I was wondering if there was a way to do 'custom mouse input'. So for example, the normal mouse functions are removed, and when a player, say, right clicks a cow, then they get milk, instead of it being enter. I'm not sure if I explained it very well, so please let me know if you...
  7. Turn Off Mouse/Touch Controls for RMMV

    Hello, I'm new to RPG Maker, and while playtesting my game I noticed the touch/mouse controls to move your player. I wanting to ask how do you remove those controls and just keep the plain keyboard controls?

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