1. Zone_Syx

    Mouse Config.

    Hi, I'm using RPG Maker MZ and Chrono Engine ABS. I would like to attack with the right mouse click. Is there a way to change the right mouse click into the "Z" or "Enter" key? :rolleyes:
  2. MrMemento

    Command to check if mouse is moving or position has changed

    Hello. I was wondering if there was command to check whether or not the mouse is being moved by the player, or alternatively check if the position of the mouse has changed since a previous check. Thank you.
  3. isaias20

    clicking an event while in front of it - MV

    clicking an event while in front of it hello. i am using this plugin "Mouse System Ex" to use mouse in my project. the tag click_activate! allows to trigger an event by clicking on it no matter how far away the player is. If I remove the tag, I can't trigger the event with mouse if player in...
  4. isaias20

    move cursor without click - MV

    I'm starting to use RPG Maker MV and I notice that you can use the mouse but to change to other options you have to click on them. Is there a way to move between options simply by moving the cursor? I don't want to have to click to open every option in the inventory or in the main menu. Thank you.
  5. remainderstudios

    storage boxes (move from inventory to box) - vx ace

    hello. I am using the storage boxes script by imp. everything works fine but there is something that I don't like, and it is the following: When you open a chest or closet , your inventory is shown on the left and the box on the right. to move between the box and the inventory (vice versa)...
  6. isaias20

    change tabs with mouse (VX ACE)

    Hello everyone. We all know that when you open the inventory in RPG Maker there are 2 o more tabs. If you select a category with the mouse, you position on some item that you have it, but if from there you want to select the other tab with the mouse, nothing happens, you must leave the...
  7. remainderstudios

    Mouse Sensitivity

    hi i'm using falcao's mouse script (VX ACE) and the cursor is hiding on the right and bottom of the screen but not top and left. that is something very annoying. But I think one way to make the player not hide the cursor easily is by decreasing the mouse sensitivity. Is there any script for...
  8. RMMV Help with CT Bolt's CTB Touch Input (Player Character looks at Mouse Cursor)

    Hello, I am using CT Bolt's CTB TouchInput Plugin for a game that I'm creating. It's basically a plugin that makes the player character look at the mouse cursor. I'm trying to make an action shooting war game. So I want my player character to look at the mouse cursor like this: But the plugin...
  9. OpheliaEnigma

    MouseHover Plugin

    Mouse Hover Plugin+1.0.0 OpheliaEnigma Introduction Allows the player to highlight menu options by hovering with the mouse. Features This plugin allows the player to highlight menu options by hovering with the mouse. This works for the show choices command, menu options, etc. How to Use...
  10. darthbirdy3

    RMMV Chrono Engine ABS Attacking with left mouse button.

    I am using the abs mode of the Chrono Engine and I want to be able to set my attacking button to the left mouse button. I don't know if this is simple and I'm dumb or if it's impossible, but I'm frustrated enough to ask for help. If someone could explain how to do this or write a patch of some...
  11. EmmaB

    Turn Player Towards Mouse Pointer on Click - Script Call

    Does anyone know if there is a script call that makes the player turn towards the mouse pointer when you click the screen? Any help would really be appreciated!
  12. DK

    Mouse System

    Title: Mouse System Version: 1.2.0 PRO version: 1.5.0 Author: DKPlugins Description: Allows you to change the mouse cursor, activate events by clicking, hovering, etc. Compatibility: RPG Maker MV: 1.5+ RPG Maker MZ: 1.0+ Features: Use a custom cursor. Show icon when hovering over an event...
  13. Adding a mouse script to someone else's game resizes the Images. Anyway around this?

    Tried it with Amaranths, Jets, and Falceos mouse scripts and all have the same result. All of the images within the game get resized and are too big for the window. Has anyone run into this and know of any fixes. Thanks.
  14. nintendowii111

    Virtual Mouse on Mobile?

    I’d like a plugin that would give the same functionality of the mouse on the computer but on mobile and controlled with touch. For example, dragging your finger across the screen would be the same as moving a mouse across the screen. I’m using a circle pad as an option to move so maybe program a...
  15. ovate

    Picture Button, Don't Touch Region [system related]

    Picture Button - 2015/11/05 (Ver1.02) Creator name: tomoaky (http://hikimoki.sakura.ne.jp/) Overview Start a common event by touch (mouse click) on the picture Requires the use of Show Picture event. Be sure set something up for specified common event Features: A picture that contains the...
  16. NinjaKittyProductions

    Weird request about click moving objects.

    If a plugin exists, please point me in the right direction ^_^! I have looked and looked and cannot find anything for what I am wanting. Here is the deal. We are working on a character that has the ability of telekinesis. We are wanting them to be able to move certain objects on the field...
  17. Magnus0808

    Camera Mouse Movement

    Camera Movement with Mouse Version 1.1.1 By Magnus0808 || Magnus Rubin Peterson Introduction This plugin allows the player to move the camera using the mouse. When the cursor gets close the border of the screen then the camera will move in that direction. I originally made this plugin as a...
  18. Re-binding mouse buttons.

    I'm looking for a way to rebind my mouse keys. Right now I have my left-click shooting projectiles with Galvs Map Projectiles, but I'm hoping to bind right click to a separate attack (or visa versa.) Currently it brings up menu/cancels, but I don't want it to do that. Thanks in advance everyone.
  19. Player face direction of mouse cursor

    Does anyone know of any plugins or script that will automatically face my player as I move the mouse in that direction? Thanks in advance.
  20. Fishfood

    Upright Rat edit

    So I recently got RPG Maker MV, was messing around with it, not really making anything serious, but I started to write a narrative and in the narrative the main character gets turned into a rat (fae that resembles a rat but whatever) I decided the rat sprites included with RPG Maker weren't...

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