1. Takkun

    TK - Icon Menu

    (Portuguese Video) Introduction: These are icons that are accessed by the Mouse, which when clicked will activate a Menu command. How to use: Paste the two necessary scripts above the main one of your project and make the necessary settings. Scripts: TK - Icon Menu Jet Mouse System...
  2. Jonforum

    Play with Mouse or Keyboard ? [POLL]

    Thank you for your answers . A simple study. You prefer games with only keyboard, mouse or pads. What is your preference ???
  3. cabfe

    Mouse-only puzzles in an RM game, yay or nay?

    While it's very early, I am already thinking about puzzles for my next adventure game. In a classic RM game, you play with the keyboard (or a game controller). There are several mouse scripts available to add this functionality too. However, I realized thanks to external beta-test that...
  4. Name

    Script call for mouse clicks

    What is the script call for left mouse button click? Like if I wanted something to do something when you click on it with the mouse. I don't want a plugin, just a script call for a conditional branch.
  5. Vis_Mage

    Button Input from Mouse Click

    Hi! :) I'm looking for a script that allows a button input to be configured to the left and right mouse click (ideally, also the up and down scroll wheel, if possible).  Note that I'm not looking for full mouse system per say, just essentially a way to trigger a configurable button press...
  6. Region Events and Mouse Support on Pics

    Hi, I want to show a picture on parallax map and when player click in some region of the picture its play a event. Im trying to use yanfly Region Events and TDDT Mouse Support Ex but cant make the event trigger by clicking. i.e. in the parallax map there is a picture of the night sky and...
  7. Help with event rotation

    Hi! I need some help. I've added the mouse plugin, and it seems that I can click on some event and I can make it print the message in the javascript console. So I know that clicking on the event works every time. The event is using an actor image, and I set it up as a starting point...
  8. Pr0ph3t

    Shaz Mouse Script & BM Advanced Animated Menu Compatbility

    Hey Guys, I am using Shaz's Mouse script and BM Advanced Animated menu. Mostly it appears compatible but the only thing it cant do is use mouse to select characters after pressing menu commands such as status or skills. I have briefly spoken to Shaz about it and emailed BM who i havent...
  9. HUD with mouse control

    Hi all, I'm quite new to this. I already played around for a couple weeks with pokemon essentials etc. so I'm comfortable with the basics and I know where everything is at. I'm working something out but for that I will need a runescape-esque HUD and a game that has the ability to be...
  10. captainsteff

    Controller right stick as mouse in MV

    Hi community!  Is there any way in RMMV to use the right analog stick on a controller to move the mouse cursor on screen? Left analog is for movement, of course, but I would need the right stick to move the mouse cursor. It could be a plugin or a common event. Any help would be 100%...
  11. LeeOccleshaw

    Disabling walking when holding left click down?

    Hey, just wondering if anyone knows of a way to disable the automatic movement when holding down the left mouse button to walk? I don't want to disable it completely as I need single clicks to still move as intended. Thanks!
  12. Morpheus

    WoW Styled Item UI

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could make it so that there is a UI for items like this that when hovered over with the mouse give a box of (customizable) information like below pic? I know I'm asking for alot but if i could get anything like pic related that'd be awesome
  13. ct_bolt

    Mouse drag event?

    I was playing around with Mouse System Ex by Tor Damian Design. Loving it so far, but then a thought occurred to me... how would I go about dragging an event to another spot? Perhaps this plugin cannot handle this (at least alone). Any suggestions?
  14. Mouse Control Options

    I'm not sure if this would require an entire plugin or just make use of a few script calls, but I would really love to see if there's a way to get more control of how the mouse works. Specifically, a way to have an internal variable or switch respond to when the left click is being pressed or...
  15. bluebooth

    Smart Map Buttons (Customizable Map Scene interface)

    Map Controls 1.10 Author: Michael Morris @Blue Booth Studios Introduction Let's face it.  You've got your really cool mini-game ideas, and you can't wait to put them together.  The last thing you want to bother with is making all the buttons and input methods work correctly.  To...
  16. Click to Move

    Hello folks. I have a request for a PlugIn as my knowledge of JavaScript only allows me to modify, not create :P I have scoured the forums and traveled the many reaches of Google and alas, my quest as turned up incomplete. What I am looking for is a Script that will disable keyboard...
  17. Milena

    Scripters: Is not including TouchPad to selecting commands a bad design?

    I just have a question to the scripters / plugin makers. So, I just learned today how to make my own title screen plugin. But there's a problem, I haven't implemented a way to use the touchpad. That means you have to press the keyboard commands for the menu to change place. The same goes when I...
  18. Arisete™

    Remove Mouse Feature

    Is there a way to remove the mouse feature in MV? as in, it's probably in one of the core scripts. The reason I ask this is because there's now starting to be Plugins that do different things with movements and stuff, and most have issues with the mouse. Not only that, my projects are going to...
  19. Milena

    Totally disable selecting windows with Mouse?

    When you hide a commandWindow, for example, a title screen, because you think images are suitable to represent them, the woe is that even when the command window is not visible, your mouse would still select them, even being it invisible, due that you only set the window not visible, so if you...
  20. Kes

    Optional disable of mouse

    Players who prefer to use the keyboard tend to hate having the mouse cursor drifting around the screen.  In Ace I had a way of giving the player the option to enable/disable the mouse whenever they liked. Does anyone know of a way of doing this in MV?  Ideally I would like to do this by having...

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