move event

  1. HankB

    Moving two events that are side-by-side at the same time

    I hope I can describe this clearly. I have two events (Event #001 and Event #002) that are next to each other, one left and one right, like: |1|2| Each event has a page set to a switch named "move_left", which is parallel, which has (on the page, not within Autonomous Movement): Set Movement...
  2. Pure javascript event movement control question

    I would like to control the movement of an event purely through javascript. Using Yanfly's movement plugin (YEP 124) I have the script command this.moveToPoint(x, y) seems like what I want but I get odd results because I don't know how to pass control back to the game's scene manager. For...
  3. OmnislashXX

    Question about annoying movement problem that makes no sense.

    You heard me. It makes absolutely no sense. Here the picture. The guard is supposed to patrol around the table, stopping every so often. But his behavior is totally different. He'll continue to just run straight, bump into the wall and remain there. If I put Through On, he just keeps walking...
  4. Mur

    Event Move Speed

    Hello! This script ("Event Move Speed") allows you to set additional parameters for the animation and movement of events on the map. In order to change the speed of moving the character (events), you must add a comment string like <speed: NN> where NN is a floating-point number. The value...
  5. The_Cynic

    Character freezes mid moveset

    In a cutscene, this character is supposed to move to the left and then move up. Instead, the character moves left and then... nothing. The game freezes, waiting for him to finish. I posted a picture of the event that is controlling the scene. The event is part of the cage the player is behind...
  6. JustinK

    My PC does not 'spawn' & How do I make moving clouds?

    Hello community! I'm new to this forum (and also kind of to RPG Maker) and I need your help! (Long post ahead, i'm sorry) EDIT1: Realizing you start as transparent, but don't turn it off anywhere isn't that smart ;). Now I can see my character, but I cannot move it. EDIT2: It turns out the...
  7. Move other events with Common event

    I'm trying to use a common event to move other events on a map and it isn't working. In the editor, the move commands (in the common event) point to the right events when I am currently looking at the map those events are on, but point to random events when looking at different maps. This...

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