move picture

  1. Amarok

    move picture script call with wait until finish?

    hey there, been searching for this for days, but nothing i found actually works. I just want to be able to use the wait command in my own javascript functions, mainly so i can handle animations and all that. The reason why i need this is because i use way more than 100 pictures at once and thus...
  2. GothicMonocle

    Problem with eventing a heath bar

    **Edit: Problem Solved! You can close this thread now.** So I use the easiest method of eventing a HUD health bar. Which is the picture zoom method. (basically I call a common event that displays two pictures, one for the HUD frame and the other the HP bar. To calculate how the health bar is...
  3. Galenmereth

    Move Picture - Extended

    TDDP_MovePictureEx 1.0.0 Galenmereth Introduction This plugin allows you to use variables and relative values with all the properties of Move Picture events (not only X and Y) via an intuitive and simple Plugin Command structure. Very useful for mini-games and picture-based menu systems...
  4. JDevain

    Move Picture, then Tint Picture, without freezing player

    I have a button on the left side of the screen that can be clicked to run a common event (I'm using YEP_PictureCommonEvents for that). What I want to happen is that, when clicked, the button turns gray and quickly slides off screen, and then gradually slides back into place, and THEN changes...
  5. ZtluhKat

    Scrolling/Move picture

    Hey there, I'm working on a project, that is going to be using a 'computer', and after several attempts can't seem to figure out how to make it so you can move the image up and down as if scrolling. any help would be fantastic. Thanks much,
  6. Parallax Panda

    Show pictures that does not move (with camera)

    Hey, some help here folks. I've a problem I'm not sure how to solve. I'm using the "Show Picture" command to put fog of war over certain parts of the map. It works fine when I use maps that has the same size as the screen resolution but of course it does not work well with bigger maps since the...
  7. Jonforum

    Move picture ID Easing script

    Hi friend I am looking for a script to move the Picture by ID with the easing library in java. Some have finding concerning these scripts a function? Somebody working on ? I found some interesting thing about easing script in JAVA /* * Easing Functions - inspired from...
  8. Kes

    Moving picture below weather

    I have a full screen picture which I need to be able to move repeatedly using the Move Picture command to simulate a ship going up and down in the water.  I also have a weather effect of Rain. In Ace the rain showed on top of the picture, but apparently not in MV.  I don't know if this is a bug...

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