move route

  1. darthbirdy3

    Move Routes Get Choppy

    I have an event at the highest frequency and normal speed. If I were to set a move route that ONLY had a single "move towards player" on repeat it would run perfectly fine and look smooth. However, in between every step toward the player I added script commands to change its speed at a certain...
  2. Event Move Route by copying Player movement Script

    I was thinking of setting an Event's Move Route by copying the Player's movement. My plan atm is to update a variable with the Player's latest movement and then implement that variable into an Event's Move Route through the Move Command "Script". Is this possible? How? Should I go about this...
  3. caethyril

    Bug Restore move route - index skip

    Edit: this bug is fixed in v1.2.1 of the core scripts. Seen in RMMZ core scripts up to the current version (v1.2.0). Description Events can have an auto move route assigned. If given an "active" route, e.g. via the Set Movement Route command, the auto route will be restored when the active one...
  4. Nerdpago

    Help with movement routes and X and Y positions

    Hi makers! i have an ideia but i need some help to execute it is there any way to set the actual player coordinates Y and X to 0 and then set follower movement routes to Y and X based on the player position Example : if player is facing up,down,left or right, Follower 1 move to X and Y in...
  5. darthbirdy3

    RMMV Script call for Direction Fix?

    Can anyone provide me with the script call for turning direction fix for the player on and off? I can't do it through a move route because it's part of a parallel event and that causes lag. I hope something like this exists.
  6. JDevain

    Need help with Yanfly's Move Route Core & Self Switches and Variables

    PLUGINS: Move Route Core Self Switches and Variables I have an event that I want to move to another event on the map. Normally, with Move Route Core, you just use the javascript command "MOVE TO: EVENT 5". However, I'm also using the Self Switches and Variables plugin, which you can control...
  7. Event move route jumping issue

    Hello, I'm having some difficulty setting jumping behavior for a event's move route. It is a character who mostly proceeds towards the player, but occasionally jumps in a particular specified direction. I have the "Skip if cannot move" checkbox enabled, and this seems to work fine for all of...
  8. Change event graphic

    I have the player fight some enemies, the event handling the plot changes the enemies event graphics to none via move route BUT if I leave the map and re-enter they revert to how they were initially. Does move route not save graphic changes between maps and I need to use switches to do this? I...
  9. Neo_Kum0rius_6000

    Simple Move Route And Event Touch Script?

    So I wan't to know can someone make me a super simple script that lets move route's "For the player" touch events. Can someone make like a notetag or a comment you could put into an event so that the player can touch it if even if the player is in a moveroute... I would also like it to stop the...
  10. Neo_Kum0rius_6000

    Move Route And Event Touch???

    So I was making my game and you can hit a button to make the character dash using a move route. the dash is supposed to be able to break blocks. Like I wan't to know if theres a way to activate a if "touching event" trigger while the player is touching it in a move route... NOTE: this event...
  11. Chocobo

    RMMV Move Route Tool

    The RMMV Move Route Tool is a little tool I programmed because creating event move routes always felt tedious to me. Imagine an NPC that should walk along a set certain route, e.g. walking along a street or walking a specific way in a cutscene. Inputting the individual move route commands by...
  12. Pathfinding

    Greetings, I am using Altimits pixel movement( ) which is the best pixel movement plugin for my project. However all of the pathfinding plugins(tried all plugins which are in master plugin list and they...
  13. Kuu_t

    Randomize SE in moving route

    Hello everybody, I have a traditional puzzle, where the player pushes a boulder on the button to open a door. The puzzle is fine, but I'd like to do it more interesting for the player. I'd like to randomize the pitch of the pushing SFX to make it less monotonous to listen. Is there a way to...
  14. Setting a move route for an event from within another event

    Hello everybody! I'm sorry if this is a dumb question. I'm making a cutscene for a game which envolves some explosions (Michael Bay style). I'm managing the whole scene with a couple of events that set move routes for other events (these events are only sprites, no processes). The problem...
  15. The_Cynic

    Character freezes mid moveset

    In a cutscene, this character is supposed to move to the left and then move up. Instead, the character moves left and then... nothing. The game freezes, waiting for him to finish. I posted a picture of the event that is controlling the scene. The event is part of the cage the player is behind...
  16. FishStickMystic

    Move Route Troubles.

    And here I thought move routes were simple... sigh. :LZSbleh: Here's my problem. I need this kid to leave right after you talk to him. However, all he does is look right and stay still. I have no idea why this is not working. Here's the "main" event that makes everything go: Here's the kid's...
  17. Indsh

    Walking Animation ON in Javascript

    I'm saving processing power where ever I can and need the scipt call for "Walking Animation ON" This would do me but a call list for all movement routes would be very helpful
  18. sairus323

    Events can't go through each other

    Hi everyone! I'be encountered one problem: I'm creating a level where you must dodge moving events and some of them should move the same/similar/crossing routes, however the events, when they move into each other, are stopped moving... there are screenshots srom the editor and the game: The red...
  19. Character in cutscene appears but does not move

    In an intro autorun cutscene, I'm trying to make a character move after they appear. The character appears, but does not move. Please tell me what I am doing wrong. Here is my code: Character that appears and should move (Character Appears 1)
  20. johanes

    SCRIPT ISSUES (move route doesnt wait)

    Im making an approach script for almost all my events so I decided to use script, greatly, it works but it doesnt seem to wait its completion. the second it spawns, the next second it is 20 blocks away beside its target if someone knows something about this, please comment , it would be much...

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