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  1. Dance to the Music?

    I want to have a bunch of dancers in a line dancing to the Mazurka from tchaikovsky's Swan Lake...problem is That I can't seem to match the jumps perfectly to the notes of the there some trick to this that I'm not getting?
  2. FishStickMystic

    Having trouble with moving events!

    So, I have two guards that block a bridge, as so: So, you speak to one of them, they tell you that you must fight to pass, and then once you win, they move out of the way, like so: However, when you leave and return to the forest by going to another map, or leaving the save and...
  3. Museless Writer

    The "wait" function on a move route not working

    I'm fairly new to RPG Maker in all honesty, but up until now, every serious bug I've come across has been fixable. However, I've come across something that I can't really find an answer to yet. So I have an event that is going to run into the player. This is simple enough, right? I've...
  4. Move Route Not Working

    Hello. I am very new to rpg maker. Im making an intro cut scene to my game, in this cutscene there is a character in the middle talking to another character. After a big of text the character being talked to (Akash) turns to the left waits for 30 frames then turns to the right twice then waits...
  5. Move route issue

    I have this issue where i have one event that happens with action button with a move route set but is there a way for me to move the player to the same location whether they trigger the event from the left right etc? 
  6. Move route issue

    I have this issue where i have one event that happens with action button with a move route set but is there a way for me to move the player to the same location whether they trigger the event from the left right etc? 
  7. Chocobo

    Activating a distant event does not work: Bug or feature?

    Hey there :) Since I haven't been around for the last few months and recently started tinkering with the RMMV again, I ran into an issue which I'm not sure of if it is a bug or intended behavior.  When I create a big map and put an event to the right that should run to the left after a...
  8. Nirwanda

    Defined route resetting when changing event pages

    I don't know if this can be solved but I have a child npc that's running in circles around town, and you need to talk to her to complete a subquest. The thing is that after talking to her, the event changes pages and her move route starts from the beginning even if she's midway through it...
  9. AllyJamy

    Animating a flag

    Hi, how would I go about animating this flag in an event? I guess you would use a move route call. But I have no idea how to make this work. Any help would be appreciated. ~
  10. gilgamar

    Event Fourway Passage

    Event Fourway Passage v1.03 Description Make any tile have the passability you want using events. It works like the tileset editor's Passage (4-dir) setting but for events instead of tiles. You can change the passage options on the fly with set move routes. This can be used to create...
  11. Asterion

    Interruption of a move route

    I've run into a bit of a problem with a move route failing to continue. In one section, I've got a kid running around in a circle - just a loop of moving some steps in each direction, set in the autonomous movement. There are no problems with resuming if the player stands in their way and then...
  12. Tyruswoo

    Follower Control Plugin by Tyruswoo

    Follower Control Plugin by Tyruswoo For RPG Maker MV How to Use: Follower Control allows you to use the following event commands on the party followers: Set Move Route Show Balloon Icon Show Animation Transfer Player This is great for cutscenes! In order to use the above on...
  13. how do I make a Npc move without disappearing?

    Hi, Whenever I set the move route, the next command is to make her disappear (with a switch) but when the Npc moves a block, it just disappears straight away. Thanks! - Flynn
  14. Aime

    Cutscene move route problem

    Hi, I've never posted in a forum before so please take care of me \(0v0)/ I've been having some troubles with the third part of my opening cutscene, it starts in June's room. The brown haired scientist is supposed to come over to the guard outside the room and talk to him, he then opens the...
  15. Andrefpvs

    Follower's Commands (Show Balloon, Show Animation, etc. on Followers) (VX Ace script example include

    What I want to do   I'd like to be able to use Event Commands on my Followers (the party members that follow you around when outside of battle). For example, using Balloon Pop-ups on my followers, like this:   (This is a mockup of what I'd like to be able do)     Is there a VX Ace script that...
  16. Move an event as you would a player

    Is it possible to control the movements of an event using the arrow keys? I want to have a part where the player has to use control an NPC to push a switch that would ordinarily be out of reach. I've tried looking for a script that does this but I didn't have much luck.
  17. Change event speed without reseting the move route?

    I have a cutscene where 2 characters are running on a set path and I want to have them change their speed after the player talks to an NPC. Their move path is done by a separate event, running a paralel process. So far, if I make the NPCs change the speed in the 'set move route' comand they...
  18. Move Offscreen

    I have a section in my game where the player is on a conveyor belt and is dodging incoming crates. I had an area where the player couldn't move up or down, I made a couple of crates and set them to move down so that the player has to dodge them, but when I started nothing happened. I then found...
  19. Yin

    Walk off screen

    Does anyone know of a way to make a character walk off screen (Passed the edge of the map)? As it is now, characters can only walk to the edge of the map.
  20. Newbie problems (NPCs not following their set paths)

    I am trying to making two guards look like they are sparring in a training hall.  I instructed them to step forward twice one, a 'bump' sound plays and they jump back one step, walk back one step and repeat. Their direction they go is mirrored and I am trying to make it look like they and...

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