move routes

  1. Marsigne's Cutscene Workshop

    What's this workshop about? Cutscene making, of course! Struggling with move routes? I'm your man! Want to have your cutscenes taken care of? You're at the right place! Want to have 30 soldiers chasing you and fighting you at the same time? I can! (within a year of course) Have in mind...
  2. Ink-Dragon

    Change event's move route when near player?

    OK, so I have an event that's set to trigger a battle upon touching the player, and that works fine, but what I need it to do is wander the map randomly, until it comes within, say 5-6 spaces of the player, at which point it will begin moving towards them. How would I go about doing this?
  3. Andrefpvs

    Follower's Commands (Show Balloon, Show Animation, etc. on Followers) (VX Ace script example include

    What I want to do   I'd like to be able to use Event Commands on my Followers (the party members that follow you around when outside of battle). For example, using Balloon Pop-ups on my followers, like this:   (This is a mockup of what I'd like to be able do)     Is there a VX Ace script that...
  4. Newbie problems (NPCs not following their set paths)

    I am trying to making two guards look like they are sparring in a training hall.  I instructed them to step forward twice one, a 'bump' sound plays and they jump back one step, walk back one step and repeat. Their direction they go is mirrored and I am trying to make it look like they and...
  5. Yin

    Move Route Labels

    Hi everyone! I have a request to make and hopefully it is not too complicated. I'm trying make conditionals in my move route (autonomous move routes). I need a way to create points to jump to within a move route. It would work just like the one in event pages. Create label and jump to label...
  6. captainproton

    Character Movement -- Hugs/Staggering?

    I don't know if this particular question has already been asked. I noticed that when you set a character to move, they move according to a grid, that is, one space at a time.  So, here's my question: Is it possible to have chars move a half-space?  Like, If I wanted two characters to move...
  7. Tsukihime

    Follower Move Routes

    This script allows you to set move routes for your followers using events. The intention was to make it easier for your to create your cut-scenes, designating a move route for a particular follower in your party. In addition to simple move routes, you can also change the "follower sync"...
  8. ♥SOURCE♥

    Follower's Move Routes

    Follower's Commands (also known as Follower's Move Routes v.2.2) Introduction This little script is a new approach to my Follower's Move Routes that allows the usage of other event commands such as Show Animation, Show Balloon and Set Event Position, and of course, Set Move Route. It also...

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