1. How to make player move to an event?

    I need to make a cutscene where a player walks on specific tiles that have events on top of them. Is there a way to reference events in a move route so that the player will always walk over the events regardless of the arrangement? (the order remains consistent but the positions will vary). If...
  2. RMMZ dialogue playing while character walks?

    Is there a way to enable dialogues playing in the background while still allowing the player to move? Basically i just dont want to be stopped by dialogue every time a character speaks, and i want to played automatically in the background1 I looked around and the closest thing i found was this...
  3. isaias20

    move cursor without click - MV

    I'm starting to use RPG Maker MV and I notice that you can use the mouse but to change to other options you have to click on them. Is there a way to move between options simply by moving the cursor? I don't want to have to click to open every option in the inventory or in the main menu. Thank you.
  4. RMMV QABS movement problem

    I cannot move my character to any ways and cannot interact with anything.
  5. Sighted

    Need some help with direction buttons

    The thing is I'm trying to make encounter rate system. Here is an example that I made. It's worked perfectly well but then, I realized that when my character is facing the wall and I still pressing up arrow, the variable is keep counting. Is there a way to solve this problem? It will be...
  6. RMMV circular moving

    I came across this game on a site niconico. https://game.nicovideo.jp/atsumaru/games/gm5678?link=blogparts If you play this game, you'll see the event moving in a perfect circle from 2-5 I wonder how you implement that. I'm using the same jump action plug-in as this game. There's no way we...
  7. Jacoh

    How do you make a move that if it lands after the enemy attack, the power doubles?

    Hey, i have a simple question, is there a way to make a special move that deals a certain amount of damage if it moves first but it doubles if it lands after being hit by an enemy, like the move "Revenge" from pokemon
  8. ovate

    Character Graphic Extension (Rotate)

    Character Graphic Extension 2016/05/05 Creator name: Triacontane Introduction Rotate a character image and adjust the display coordinates in pixels. Feature You don't have to use paint program to rotate sprite. How to Use Use "Script" from "Set Move Route..." event and put- self.rotate(90...
  9. Yawgmoth

    On/Off 'Through move route'

    Hi all, So I am working on a map with floating islands and some overlap one another, but am having issues allowing the player to walk beneath the other islands. I have tried to event this using transparent and through move routes and I can get it to sort of work but I can't turn the through off...
  10. CuddleFox

    Moving an enemy's battler

    Hello, I searched and I didn't find a topic related to this. I would like to know if there is a way to move an enemy battler in the same way that you could move an image, by just manipulating its x and y?
  11. Mooshry

    Enemy Walk-n'-Stop?

    So, i'm trying to emulate the enemy walking in Dragon Quest games where they walk a bit, then stop, then walk again, then the cycle continues. I want there to be a slight interval between cycles so, for example, a Prancing Pillar walks 3 tiles ahead, then the next cycle starts and he walks 4...
  12. Alien9000

    Is it possible to script a NPC to move on an event tile?

    I want an NPC to walk to a hole in the wall and disappear. The problem is, in front of the hole is an event tile on the ground to let the player transfer to another map. But when I make the NPC move to the direction, it wont move, because of the event tile. Is there a way I can make a NPC walk...
  13. Kato-A

    [RMMV] How can I make a npc move an event?

    Hello, I have a question There is a place in my game where I want create an npc playing with a ball randomly. How can I make the ball move when the npc is near? and make the npc move towards the event I know how to make the ball move with the player only. (Just look how sad is he :,c)
  14. Prellmarc

    How to move object via skill?

    Hi, everyone. I started a prequel to GBA Golden Sun, maybe someone remembers how great that series was. Unfortunately, I absolutely cannot write a good script for the series Field magic. There is the ability Move, which moves an object like a boulder one square in any direction, when the...
  15. Isabella Ava

    Character Direction checking? (script)

    Hello, i tried many different expressions but i can't find anyway to get character direction (player/event) I know this can be done via Condition Branch but i want to do it via Script because i have bunch of another scripts there All of these didn't work, please HELP T.T i am out of ideas...
  16. Tonko

    Player won´t move

    Hello there. I am still a noob at this software, so please bear with me if I am making a very dumb question. I recently started a project; the first thing I did was to make the first map and put the neccesary scripts and events. Then I tried it, and had a surprise; The player was not moving. I...
  17. Rink27

    Move Route Core (Yanfly) issue?

    The skip utility in move routes cannot skip scripted commands via Yanfly's Move Route Core plugin. Link for plugin: http://yanfly.moe/2017/01/21/yep-124-move-route-core-rpg-maker-mv/ I've taken a screenshot of a test to demonstrate my problem. I am testing in a scenario where the player would...
  18. DarkEspeon

    Help Replicating Field Skills: Move

    Hello! Field skills are special kind of skills that can be used outside battles to interact with certain tiles/events. Kind of like HM in Pokemon! I am trying to replicate a field skill "Move" from Golden Sun! How do I do that? So far I came across Yanfly's Map Select Skill plugin, that will...
  19. How to make NPC move when player is in a certain position

    Does anyone know how to make it so that a NPC will move and talk only when your at a certain area and if they can make it look like they are leaving an area?
  20. Val

    Moving Actor and battler intro move face to face to start a battle!

    Hey eveyrone, I would like to know if someone know if an plugin already exist for making the Actor move across the screen to get to his position while the battle start? I mean, right now when you start a battle, the Actor and the enemies are already set in place, but I would like to have...

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