movement route

  1. How do I make a common event that moves characters on another map after transition?

    I have a common event that after a while would transfer the character to another map. However, that common event is supposed to continue running at that point. During that characters are supposed to move and after a while the map transitions again and characters move again. However, once the...
  2. CopperTheJackal

    Screen Shake In Movement Route

    Hey again! The title is pretty self-explanatory on this one. I'm looking for a way to make the screen shake within a movement route. Is there a way I can do this in the base engine, or would I need a plugin?
  3. BTJanuary

    Event movements loop

    So i was trying to write a script that let the events (3-17) to all move at once instead of having a bunch of move event commands. It does, in fact, works, however no. 8, 9, 12 doesn't seem to at all budge. this can easily be solve with me adding separate movement event for those, but i do...
  4. Movement route keeps repeating even after switching to next page

    Hello there! I am new to RPG Maker VZ I have an event that autoruns a movement route. But it keeps repeating forever, even when I transfer the player to another map. My question is how I stop a repeating event? (I dont see any "stop" option on movement routes interface)
  5. Paulifsky

    NPC movement question!

    Hello. I set a custom route for an NPC on repeat movement, and made it skip if cannot move so it doesn't get stuck in a wall. However, if that happens, then the NPC's route will never be the same again. They will be able to move, but their route will be all messed up. the point of the movement...
  6. KChasm

    Movement Routes keep getting... lost?

    I must be doing something wrong here. Been trying to put together a cutscene using the movement route dealio, but I find that sometimes, when I tell a character to move, say one to the right, they just... don't, and then the cutscene continues as if they'd successfully completed the action...
  7. Blackbirdobyri

    Player clipping through walls for no reason and locking movement direction.

    Hi all, I'm currently making a mini game where my player is "locked" to move horizontally by a parallel event that might cause some clipping. It's also no the best way to "lock" movement, though I haven't found any other way yet. I guess my question has two parts. This is the small conditional...
  8. Mercedes90

    Image glitches with the Event Movement Route!

    See the gif? Yeah, glitching - Images are not running smoothly as expected. I've made some of my own in-game TV screens, monitors, and ads with Adobe Premiere Pro. It turned out promising at first when things went smoothly during a few experiments, but the more I add these kinds of events on the...
  9. RadioactiveArcade

    [SOLVED] How to make a character dance on prompt - set movement route(?)

    To be more specific; The player will have a chance to ask a character if they know any tricks, and the character will respond by dancing. I want the Left, Right, and Up sections of that character's sprite sheet to be 3 different dances, the down section is just the idle pose. I figured it would...
  10. HankB

    Moving two events that are side-by-side at the same time

    I hope I can describe this clearly. I have two events (Event #001 and Event #002) that are next to each other, one left and one right, like: |1|2| Each event has a page set to a switch named "move_left", which is parallel, which has (on the page, not within Autonomous Movement): Set Movement...
  11. Kristina

    Delay on events/movement route

    I make these lighting events so lamps such as street lamps got light. However, as you can see on the picture there is a slight delay for the event/movement route to come. It's just a second but I would like to avoid it at all. Is there a way? I got 5 of these on one map, is that too many?
  12. Lilliput

    Interrupting Walking Cycle Loop (ft. PKMN)

    Henlo, all! I've been trying to wrap my head around a problem I've had for a little while now. I have an npc event running around a point in a continuous circle. But, whenever I walk the player character infront of this npc, they dead stop, which is what I want. However, the issue comes when...
  13. kyklops

    How to stop NPC Movement (Solved) I've commented the Solution

    Hello! I'm working on a game and I am trying to create a bar, I have a script set up so that the bartender walks around and interacts with other NPC's, the movement route for him will keep looping so that he keeps walking the same path the entire time that you're in the same room as the...
  14. Movement route : jump problem

    I make my NPC character keep jumping to the left (x:-2; y:0). The problem is this character jump to the river or even outside map area. So how do you limiting this jump so if the NPC facing river or wall, they stop jumping ?
  15. Changing which foot a sprite has forward

    Hey all! I am planning to animate some environment objects by making sprites that turn clockwise every few milliseconds. I discovered that I can fit three separate animations into a single "character" by having a different one in each vertical column. If the sheet's "right foot forward" frame...
  16. Hooting

    Player speed issues for cutscene

    I'm trying to make this cutscene where the characters are walking, but for some reason the player just rockets past the followers, leaving them behind. I thought I could fix this by changing the speed or frequency (or both) in the movement route but that just gives the bugger cold feet, and they...
  17. Yoraee

    Events Animation Tutorial for Scenes

    Hey everyone~! I posted this mini tutorial on my devlog on Tumblr and thought I might as well share it here! In this tutorial, I will show you how I animate my scenes by manipulating Movement Route commands. This allows for original ways of portraying story and cutscenes in your game...
  18. stramin

    How to reset player movement route "Change Image"?

    I want to change the graphic of the player for a scene and then make it go back to its original sprite. The player can change the party formation, so the original sprite could be any of the heroes. I think the only way to do this is using scripts, getting the leader sprite, but I can't figure...
  19. esterk

    Help with movement on event (no wait)

    Hey everyone, sorry for the vague title - I'm not really sure how exactly to describe the issue I'm running into with a short and concise description. Basically, I have a cutscene that runs in the game where a character is speaking while moving. However, if the player pages through the text too...
  20. NPC with Autonomous movement paused when too far from screen

    Hello, i am currently working on project that have many NPC lurking arround some big map. I use custom autonomous movement for each NPC, but those NPC stop moving when they are not in screen and then continue if they're on screen again. If i use parallel proccess they still continue moving...

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