1. tale

    Kanji - Smooth Cursor Movement, Simple Dash Effect

    Smooth Cursor Movement - 2018/09/21 Creator name: Kanji the Grass Overview Cursor moves smoothly, slight improvement from default except not much customization Note: This can be alternative to RPG Source 'Smooth Cursor' script without configuration. Installation Paste this script above Main...
  2. Magnus0808

    Camera Mouse Movement

    Camera Movement with Mouse Version 1.1.1 By Magnus0808 || Magnus Rubin Peterson Introduction This plugin allows the player to move the camera using the mouse. When the cursor gets close the border of the screen then the camera will move in that direction. I originally made this plugin as a...
  3. Faster events than built in Speeds

    I'm looking to make some events faster than the speed choices for events, is there a simple script I can toss in there perhaps to do this? Thanks!
  4. Cap_

    Walking sound effects script

    I'm looking for a script to add sound effects when my character is moving.
  5. NatuElChido

    Multiple Parallax/Layers with independent movement from each other.

    Hi! I will be direct this time since this question maybe is already answer and I haven't still find it, but, I'm working in Parallax maping, using Kaus ultimate overlay plugin, and is something incredible :D But, I was wondering if you can make the layers move diferently in relation to...
  6. Cap_

    Sidescrolling character not moving

    I recently started making my LISA fangame. I had most of the basic events in place, and my character could move properly. I decided to reboot the whole thing and start from scratch (redrawing, improving event etc.). I had just built my first map as shown in the picture, but my character wouldn't...
  7. Xyonel

    moving a player while autorun event?

    I need a way to move a player while in autorun cause I must disable standard movement and apply a condition movement base on stamina, this is a screenshot:
  8. Lock Movement on button press

    Hey everyone, this one should be simple, but I'm having issues figuring it out. I want to lock player movement while holding shift, like Diablo. I know autrun pauses movement, but I'm not sure how to make that work, and I don't want to lock any other commands. Thanks in advance.
  9. Automatic movement to the right, while moving up and down.

    Hey everyone, is there a way to make my player automatically move the right and still be able to control up and down, and in this case I have Galv's Jump ability so I'd like to be able to do that too. I've figured out how to get constant movement in a direction, but it renders my other movements...
  10. Slow walk speed on specific tilesets

    Hi everyone, Although I've used RPG Maker 2003 years ago, I've never actually done any coding in the program. I'm simply trying to make certain tilesets slow character speed down, in this case it's water tilesets. I would like to have movement speed back to normal once out of the water. I have...
  11. JDevain

    Script call for Set Movement Route > Switch On

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out the script call for Set Movement Route (for Event 001) > Switch On I found this in rpg_objects.js: $gameSwitches.setValue(params[0], true); But I don't understand how to set it for a specific event (like Event 1), and I don't understand what to change "params"...
  12. Xyonel

    free movement(not 48px compatible with yanfly plugins?

    Hello there, I'm using a lot of yanfly plugins and wondering which is the best(in order of compatibility) free movement plugin. for free movement plugin I mean a mov plug that is not bound to rpg maker grid, I'm using rpg maker MV. Thanks
  13. Trouble Moving The Event's Sprite

    I'm trying to move the sprite the event is using in the project I am creating. For some reason the sprite won't go in certain directions even though it is perfectly fine for sprites to move there. For example: I want the sprite to move down once and then move right a few squares. The sprite...
  14. Ultimacj

    Preventing Picture Movement With Player

    I've searched high and low on google and I've searched vigorously with key words in search in the forums. None found. That being said (so it's not stated "This question has been already asked, please look for it moderation" kicks in). Here is my question unless it's not possible to do this...
  15. fbu

    Character Movements (Idle, Walk and Run)

    Character Movements (Idle, Walk and Run) DESCRIPTION: Allows for player movement to cycle between 3 character sheets: idle, walk and run. EXAMPLE: CODE: /* <Character Movement> v 0.1 - 31 August 2019 GIT_HUB...
  16. xoferew

    MV script call for movement route based on actor state?

    Hi, I'd appreciate any advice. I thought I could use a script call to make events (roaming enemies) move toward the player unless a certain actor had a certain state, in which case the event would move away from the player. When I look at the script call list I see moveType = 0 for fixed, 1...
  17. JDevain

    Is there a way to change the jump speed?

    To be clear, I'm talking about the speed that the player or event moves while jumping, so that the jump takes less or more time. The speed and frequency in Autonomous Movement doesn't seem to affect it. Thanks! EDIT: OK, so I messed around and came up with this a little plugin based on some...
  18. Leon_Artmann

    Pause Parallel Event Processing/Movement

    Hello! I searched a lot but could not find a plugin that PAUSES event processing. Can it be done at all? The idea is to have a plugin command that pauses any parallel events in the background, and then another command to resume everything. Personally I need it to pause event movement. I know...
  19. PhxFire

    Looking for movement/ collision map plugins that support followers

    So I need a movement plugin that lets me set the default move size to smaller than 48 pixels and it also need to support some kind of custom collision map. I've tried The QPlus/ QMovement plugins which were great except it didn't work well with my follower (Made him slower than MC). I also tried...
  20. How do you script movement of two or more characters at the same time?

    Its not quite clear how to move 2 characters at the same time from and to fixed positions. Within the tutorials for RPG Maker MV users are shown how to script the movement of single characters at a time to fixed positions. In the tutorials, users are also shown how to have multiple characters...

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