movie files not playing

  1. "Show Picture" command not working (after "Play Movie" fails too)

    Hello, everyone! I had a game that was finished, published, and working just fine. It had three videos at the end: a good ending, a bad ending, and credits. But then I made some changes to earlier parts of the game, that seemed totally unrelated to the video files I had, only to realize that my...
  2. PaintingWitch

    Directshow Error (VFW_E_UNSUPPORTED STREAM) error when playing movies

    (I'm still fairly new to RPG Maker 2003 after switching to it from XP, so I'm not really aware of many specific requirements when importing files of any sort.) So, I'm currently trying to play a movie for a cutscene in my game, but whenever I try to do so, I get an "unsupported stream" error...
  3. sizz

    I need a bit of help with movies

    So for my game i'm using a width of 1280px and a height of 720px what would be the appropriate size for a movie, i know the format is .webm. but I still can't figure it out I need to be able to know what sizes can actually play on rpg maker mv.
  4. mars714

    Required Movie Formats

    I'm hoping someone can help me out on this one. I've learned a lot from tutorials on YouTube, but they the user I was watching didn't have anything on Movies. A quick search here shows that I need at least two formats, the main and something called a codec, as well has having the file under the...
  5. Matthewsworld

    Movie files not playing RPG Maker MV

    So I am trying to make a somewhat "complex" game, and to do this, i need to run a tutorial in the form of a video. The video appears in the movie select, but will not play; i previously had this problem, but i fixed it by converting it so there was both an mp4 and webm in the movies folder...

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