1. JacSkulls

    A Skip Command for Movies?

    Hello, Everyone! Jac here. I'm new to Scripting and I am trying to learn things. Of course, I'd like to know if there is a Skip Command for Movies. I actually manage to make it so that the video would play before the Title Screen but realize if I made the video any longer than it is, it would be...
  2. KPanda

    Otome Sparkles

    Hello, I was doing some tutorials when I came across this section of the manual. It mentions there being a movie file called "Sparkles." However, I can't seem to find it with the other movie files. Was this taken out? Am I supposed to download this from a separate location? On the same note...
  3. How to play movies?

    RPGMaker MV has a feature to "play movies" however, I can't get it to work, I have put 3 of the same Animated image into the Movies Folder, one is a GIF, one is a Webm, and the last is a MP4 When I go to make an event and " play movie" not a single one shows up
  4. Horg1f

    Movie Player bug

    Hello everyone! I am developing a test project with RMV where before the start menu is played an introduction video, however, after it is over and the character is moved and audio of the video starts playing alone. Can someone help me? (I'm sorry for some problems with English, I'm translating...
  5. VitaliaDi

    Opening Movies/Cutscenes

    I'm working on setting up the lore to my game and to do that I'm creating a cutscene that explains the world's history with text and images. It's a bit long however, it lasts for a little over 3 minutes, and I'm unsure if this is bad game design. I'm working in MV so maybe I can make it...
  6. skodone

    [BUG] Video keeps freezing randomly at begin of MapLoad

    User: Skodone/Ben Bug: Video keeps freezing randomly at begin of MapLoad How to Replicate the Bug: When one puts an event with a videocall (WEBM) at the beginning of a map, so it is triggered as soon as possible via player touch, the video is very likely to freeze after a small amount of frames...
  7. kobthehawk

    [Making A Movie!] I need actors, costumes and makeup!

    Greetings! I am Kob, aspiring story writer and film enthusiast. Lately my book writing has been detoured as of late and I wanted to see if I could make small little films using the cutscene systems in RPG Maker MV. If you want to know why I am pursuing this, its because I managed to see most of...
  8. captainette777

    Movie Studio tiles and objects?

    Resource Type: Tiles and Object Characters. Maker Format: MV Art Style: Anything works! Description: Are there any existing tilesets or objects that can be used to make a movie studio/stage-like map? Stuff like lights, cameras, microphones and their stands, giant green screens, curtains...
  9. ZirconStorms

    Adjusting movie x/y or width/height

    How would anyone go about doing something like this? Zeus's video player has way too many issues displaying more than one movie, as it seems to lead to a black screen (on top of this, the script plays videos in its own seperate/hidden window, which makes it near impossible for some people to...
  10. mucka33

    [FIXED] HimeWorks Splash Screen Videos not Skippable?

    I've recently grabbed HimeWorks' script that allows for custom splash screens to play before the title. While it works well, I can't seem to get the 'skip button' to work. The script says that by default, pressing the Z key should skip the splash screen, but this hasn't been working for me. I've...
  11. 4Lore

    Creating a movie gallery

    Hello, I would like to create a movie gallery (dependent on saves) similar to cg gallery which will have to play a movie when i click on a slot icon, instead of showing a picture. The movies will be unlocked in the game with a number variable or something like this. I tried to implement this...
  12. ZirconStorms

    (VX Ace/RGSS3) Videos + Fullscreen/Resolution changes

    I'd like to incorporate videos within a project that lets the player toggle the game's resolution (ex: pixel size is 2x bigger). I've been working with zeus81's fullscreen script in order to handle resolution toggling, and I'm looking to incorporate the code shown in this reply to use for...
  13. kn1000a

    Two questions about more of VNM's abilities

    While I'm coming off with a script for the game (as I think this is what I should get done first before actually messing with anything in VNM), I came across two things that made me wonder if VNM is able to handle them: 1. Have multiple names assigned to characters/set flag when a name is...
  14. ZixK

    What is .OGV?

    So I noticed it wanted .ogv movies and not anything else. I don't know what it is or what it stands for. All I know is that it has something to do with movies and that sony vegas doesn't have a rendering option for .ogv Do I render it as .ogg?
  15. Sierena

    Movie in Title Screen

    Hello, i need help with my Plugin-Script, i will make a movie(mp4)-layer(Sprite) under the title-menu-layer(Scene_Title). Look picture :) I want that the movie played behind the menu and not before it. But the movie is always in front of it, how can I change this? z index? layer position...
  16. CrazyCookieManiac

    Movie doesn't play in the correct size

    Okay, so! I apologize if this has been talked about already, I searched a lot and found nothing ;w;'" RPG Maker MV's screen size is 816x624, and I made an animation using that resolution. However, whenever I play the movie, it looks like this: Does anyone know how to fix it? Thanks in advance!
  17. AdamSakuru

    Disable 'Fast Forward' during movie files?

    User: AdamSakuru Bug: The fast forward feature (hold down 'space/accept' key during events) works even while videos are playing, which probably wasn't intended because it throws off the developers eventing sequence. How to Replicate the Bug: -Download the base demo -Speak to the NPC, don't...
  18. mars714

    Required Movie Formats

    I'm hoping someone can help me out on this one. I've learned a lot from tutorials on YouTube, but they the user I was watching didn't have anything on Movies. A quick search here shows that I need at least two formats, the main and something called a codec, as well has having the file under the...
  19. AdamSakuru

    Disable 'Fast Forward' during movies?

    A couple of days ago I discovered the 'fast forward' feature that would speed up the game/events if you held down the space-bar/'accept' key (even during move routes/etc. without messages) But there is a problem. If you play a movie file and set the appropriate wait time in frames, you can...
  20. AdamSakuru

    Confused on how to figure out 'Wait' time for movie files

    Can someone explain to me how to figure out the correct wait time to use in the editor after playing a movie file? (if you're not sure what I mean, RPG Maker MV will still process your event while a movie is playing, the workaround is to use the 'wait' command to match the length of your movie...

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