1. JoeTheCrafter

    Display a movie for a skill

    Hi everyone, i want to use(like the title say) a movie during a skill, When the skill is used i want first to have the basic start animation then the movie then a animation choose(special cut 2) then the damage show. In my research i have read that we can do it with the Yanfly Action...
  2. Oraclegames

    Movie too small for the screen

    My movie that I have for the end game sequence is coming up, however it is too small to fit the entire scree. Does anyone know how to fix that?
  3. Eff-n-Geoff

    Stopping NPC's when a Movie is being played

    Hi all,  So we have a map where there are 5 events that chase a player, all five are set to event touch and are using Quasi's pathfinding plugin ( Our little issue happens when we run a movie during this scene, the movie is ran by interacting with a...
  4. Movies section bugged

    Hello. I have a big problem with videos in my game: when I put a video (around 1:30): 1. characters can move during video 2. if there is some event after (for exemple, a text), it will be happen during the video play, and not after. For the first point, I put some events to prevent the...
  5. tiagoms

    RMVXA - Skip Movie (cancel Video)

    Hello. I need a script to jump / cancel a video during your playing by pressing a button. example: "Video and reproducing" (1: 00min) 20sec to complete, it is pressed "esc" and the video stops (stop, end) ps sorry for bad English.
  6. Rikifive

    Movie Using Images?

    So... How stupid that would be? As everybody knows, Ace's Movie player lacks of many simple functions, so my question is - Would that be stupid if I'd break a video into frames and then use magic of scripting to run through frames manually? Would the 'framed' version weight much more...
  7. evmaster

    What are my options for movies?

    I don't have a program that exports .ogg movie files. It's rather disappointing to be so limited with this. I've never heard of .ogg till Rpg Maker. (Is there a specific reason for choosing this type of file?) What do you guys recommend? I don't really wan to hunt for online movie converters...
  8. Akariu

    Movie Resize and Remap for Skilllearning from Books

    Hi everyone! I'm not really sure if it belongs is kinda like a request...but more a question about, if it is even possible to make^^ So.... I use the Skill Learn System from Yanfly and wanted some skills accessable when you read a specific book. BUT...I wanted to make it...
  9. Lance Skyes

    Movie is Glitched in VX Ace

    I used Any Video Converter to convert my movie from .mp4 to .ogg, but when I put it in my game, it only takes up a small box in the middle of the screen and is SEVERELY discolored and distorted. I couldn't exaggerate that if I wanted to. More information? Well... the video right now is in...
  10. Movie in Title

    Just wondering if theres a way to put a video/animation in the title screen. (Using rpg maker mv)
  11. Is it possible to make a movie clip repeat smoothy

    So in order to try to save file size I have made a small movie clip that I would like to repeat smooth x or infinite (until keypress) times.  I have attempted to use loop with play movie and wait, but it never works out perfectly and there is always clipping where the movie stops playing for a...
  12. Is it possible to change the dimensions of a movie in MV?

    Hello! I'm working on a project in RPG Maker MV (and loving it!) that requires movies to be played on a certain part of the screen while the rest of the screen remains visible. I only want the movie being played to take up half of the screen. Thing is, no matter how small or thin I make the...
  13. Ebonfix

    what file does the video file need to for "movie"?

    I hope the title explains it. if not, I want to know what file this -----><----- needs.
  14. Opening Move after hitting New Game in Title

    Hi, can someone create a plugin, which lets you choose a movie to automatically play when you hit New Game in Title Screen? Thanks!
  15. AE Settings for movie in RPG VX ACE

    I want to make a movie in Rpgvx ace and yes, I made one. Made it in after effects and converted to ogg. But when played its not in fullscreen. I know that the game could be set in fullscreen, but I don't want the game to be expanded/wide.  Currently using a script for the fullscreen...
  16. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    What was your favorite childhood show or movie?

    What was your favorite childhood show or movie? I always watched Dexter's Laboratory back in the day it was my favorite childhood show. What was yours? And my favorite childhood movie was...Hm...I don't really know XD Ah, the old days. No one has good shows on TV anymore...
  17. jetpackgone

    Change in color of movie

    I'm having an issue with the color when I play a movie during a game with RPG Maker VX Ace. When I play the .ogv file outside of the game with VLC, the color is fine, but when I play the movie in the game through an event, the colors seem tinted and darker. I've uploaded screenshots of the same...
  18. estriole


     ■ Information      ╒═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╛ #============================================================================== # EST - [Z - ENCRYPTER] #============================================================================== # Author  : Estriole # Version ...
  19. Nooberi

    Video background in Title screen

    Heya! I'm new in here and I'm not sure where should I put my question and if there is already topic to this. I was wondering is it possible to put a video under the title menu. I mean instead using a image background there would be a video! I would so love to animate my main character and game...
  20. rx.concepts

    FMV Shorts

    Been making little animations, thought I'd share them here as I add to the pile. I may open a workshop if people are interested them. Chest Open FMV

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