1. estriole


     ■ Information      ╒═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╛ #============================================================================== # EST - [Z - ENCRYPTER] #============================================================================== # Author  : Estriole # Version ...
  2. Nooberi

    Video background in Title screen

    Heya! I'm new in here and I'm not sure where should I put my question and if there is already topic to this. I was wondering is it possible to put a video under the title menu. I mean instead using a image background there would be a video! I would so love to animate my main character and game...
  3. rx.concepts

    FMV Shorts

    Been making little animations, thought I'd share them here as I add to the pile. I may open a workshop if people are interested them. Chest Open FMV
  4. Movie settings.

    How can I add the ability to exit a movie when its playing?
  5. Zane

    Play Non OGV Videos without a script!

    Hello there forum members its :::Josh::: here with another tutorial for you! Today's topic of disscussion is: Playing NON-.ogv videos without a script!   Do I have your attention yet? Yes? Alrighty!   There is a few things I want to point out right away to everyone,   CONS: PROS:  ...
  6. Simply Ryan

    Play movie upon load

    Hello all, I just wanted to ask a quick question when it comes to the "Scene_Load" script. Would it be possible to edit the last part of the script, see below, to play an .ogv movie before actually loading the file instead of playing the sound? If I can, would there be anything else I'd have to...
  7. Movies don't always play in full screen.

    My game is currently using movies at key moments in the game.  While playing the game in full screen on my home computer (a tower, not a laptop), the movies play perfectly and are incorporated into the game just as I'd want them.  However, when playing the game in full screen on a laptop, the...
  8. Julien Brightside

    Making movies, help

    There is a possibility to have movies in the RPG game, but these have to be in an .ogg file. How do I make these? Should I make a movie in flash, and then convert it, or is there an own creator for such files?
  9. Archeia

    Movie Script Question

    This has been something that I've been wondering for a while now, but I haven't seen any threads about it. So I might as well :D I have some questions (and possibly a script request I guess?) about the movie capabilities of VXACE? 1.) Is it possible to make a movie file run on the background...
  10. BlueDemon

    interrupt a video

    I was wondering if there was a way to play a video but when a key is pressed stop the video even if it is in the middle of the clip?
  11. Movie before the title screen

    Hello i am wondering, Is it possible to play a movie before the title screen? then when you press a confirm button it skips the movie. thanks.

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