1. sizz

    I need a bit of help with movies

    So for my game i'm using a width of 1280px and a height of 720px what would be the appropriate size for a movie, i know the format is .webm. but I still can't figure it out I need to be able to know what sizes can actually play on rpg maker mv.
  2. CodeHunterEx

    Game Inspiration

    Mostly everyone gets their inspiration from other games, but I wonder, has anyone received any inspiration from television or movies. Maybe a book they read? To make this a bit more interesting, lets remove some that I don't think fit: television shows and movies based on games: Final Fantasy...
  3. Jordan_Winslow

    RMMV The Franklin Coverup (Ch. 1) - a New Kind of Narrative Horror RPG

    This game has adult themes, adult language and numerous references to alcohol, sex and drugs. SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS FREE DOWNLOAD LINK I would absolutely love to get the feedback of the community on this one as I designed a custom soundtrack for this game along with edited many...
  4. Movies in VX Ace

    I am trying to add movies to my VX Ace game, but the audio isn't lining up properly. The movies are between 2-3 mins, and the audio always gets messy and doesn't finish the same time as the visual. The format is right, .ogv. I am using vlc to convert from .avi to .ogv. Anyone else have this...
  5. soniiiety

    recording dreams/thoughts invention

    hello everyone, i have been thinking about something that would be really cool to make in the future in real life. called recording our dreams/thoughts/memorays even connecting to a tv an anything we think of shows up on it or how about we can do above^ expect on an art program and we don't...
  6. movies in battle system

    hey guys i was wondering how would i add a movie in a battle, so i made a movie at which when this character get a state it will show, so i'm creating a state is there any way i can add a movie to the state(like just once it applied) or somehow attach that state to common events? really...
  7. Astel

    A few toughts about the new pixar movie "Coco"

    Even if the movie will show on theaters on Nov 22, you might not know that it was already shown in Mexico in time for "El dia de muertos" and it has been a huge success here. It's a great movie, one of the best i have seen from Pixar, yet i have to wonder if it will be a complete disaster and...
  8. Nutty171

    Let's talk about the MCU!

    This post contains spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Avengers: Age of Ultron. You have been warned. I really REALLY love the Guardians series. Guardians 2 is arguably the best movie sequel I've ever seen. Why? It feels like a new story, a new movie, and it doesn't rely on the...
  9. CallMeKerrigan

    RS Mixed Media Films!

    I recently got into making short films and enjoy it quite a bit. The most recent one I made was a journalistic exposé about a company reselling goods and claiming that they were handmade. I definitely want to make more documentaries, these are free to watch and quite short. Let me know what you...
  10. PhoenixX92

    What to use to convert video files to OGV?

    Title, basically. What does everybody use to convert video files to OGV for VX Ace? I normally use Handbrake to convert all my videos, but it doesn't support OGV, which is necessary for playback inside VX Ace. I don't want to use the ones online because uploading then redownloading is...
  11. Lezerald

    How does one create movies for MV?

    Hello! I've been wondering about how to create movies that can be used in RMMV. I've looked for a tutorial in the corresponding forum, but to no avail. What should one know in regards to them? As a beginner, I'm well aware that they are probably out of my league, but I'm still...
  12. RpgN00B

    Movies Wont Play

    I have a decent knowledge on RPG Maker. I am currently working on a game based around the Final Fantasy Series. I have .ogv Files and I have tried using the Import Feature and I have also tried dragging the File into the Movies Folder. I have no problem Importing the movies but I have a...
  13. What We Do in the Shadows - One of my favourite comedies but no one knows about it!

    This is kind of a shout out to one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. It really wasn't big box office wise, but it brought me and my friend to tears. It's a fake documentary set in Sweden about 4 vampires living with each other. I can't say much else but PLEASE watch it. If you love...
  14. Halfmoon Media

    [ACE] Custom Gallery Menu w/ Unlockable Extras Wanted!

    I've always been a fan of games that let you unlock movies and pictures as you go and I know I'm not the only one. I'd love to give my players the same experience, if that's something they'd like. I am looking for an Extras Menu from which you can select: Movies, Pictures, or Music. These 4...
  15. hyde9318

    Goodbye, friend of the world...

    I am sure the news is out worldwide by now, and I am even more sure that you guys are probably already sick of seeing so many people talk about this, but I thought that I would take a minute and honor an amazing human being, Robin Williams, who passed away recently.  Roughly six years ago, I...
  16. ShinGamix

    Will Fast N Furious Continue?

    With the tragic news that Paul Walker died in a car crash will the Fast N Furious series continue and what will happen to the already scheduled Fast 7, 8 and 9?

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