moving platform

  1. aporokizzu

    Moving Platforms

    Greetings- I am trying to script a moving platform, that the player must try to land on. I have the following code: var Imported = Imported || {}; Imported.PE_JumpMan = true; var PE = PE || {}; PE.JumpMan = PE.JumpMan || {}; (function($){ var JumpMan_Game_CharacterBase_jump =...
  2. How to make Moving Platform on MV?

    I wanna make moving land, like that. but this script is only use VX ACE. how to make this thing, in MV?? I need your help, guys :D
  3. Tea's Jams

    Move your whole party on one moving platform tutorial

    So, if this already exists, please feel free to delete. I couldn't for the life of me find a tutorial for this. It took a few hours to figure out, so I'm hoping to save the next poor soul the trouble. :) EDIT: I figured out how to keep the party on the map and make this whole process more...

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