1. atoms

    Moving & Pointing, Event Arrows for RMVXA. RPG Maker VX Ace. I think simple request?

    I am hoping this is quite a simple request, in fact, I'm sure there must be some of these graphics out there already though I can't find them on Google and forum searches. I'm looking for event arrows probably 1/2 the size of a single tile that can point at stairs and also at other tiles like...
  2. Yawgmoth

    Rolling Snowball or Stone Event

    Hi all, I am using MV and have a simple event that uses conditional branches to move an event when the player touches it. It's set to move when the player presses up, down, right, or left and has a conditional branch for each. I have a SE attached to each branch and it plays a rolling sound...
  3. 2 characters moving at the same time

    Hello everyone here, I wish to make one character push the other into the void. how to make sure that the movement does it one after the other but at the same time please, thank you in advance in the picture it is the character in armor that pushes the other into the void...
  4. NatuElChido

    How can i make Moving Platforms?

    Hello everyone! :) Basically, what I want to do is make a platform that moves at a constant frequency. But this one can take you over it and you can get out of them when you're near a floor where you can walk there. I have made this video to show more clearly how I want this behavior to be...
  5. Kostekaro

    Help request MV. Creating on water moving events like enemy ships and sea monsters.

    Hi everyone. I try to make some "on water events" in my game and i have problem with it movement. I make a video to show u how it look like and i explain my problem. I didn't found any solution to it. In RMVX Ace forum i found somthing similar but i dont know how i can do it on MV. Link to...
  6. Player is moving not correctly

    Hi there! I really have a big problem and I hope somebody will be able to give me some fast help. So I am currently trying my hand on the trial version MV and its going really good. But the problem is, that the player won't move correctly around corners. So he stoppes moving and he is waiting...
  7. Moving around during one NPC text

    I'm working on an NPC of an old dude who follows you around telling you his life story. I need the text to be scrolling while you're moving around interacting with other NPC's and other things. I have tried Galv's Messages Without Wait V.1.1...
  8. piksalh

    Eoncounter for moving events

    Howdy dear makers, Could you help me to solve a problem? I use specific moving system in my game world map. Basically the player is a pointer and moves around the map to choose where to go for a plane event. When the player hits enter, the plane event starts to go to the target tile by auto...
  9. XGuarden

    text change while npc moving

    In my game, some time npc move to go in the bed. While thy move to the bed thy say something and whn sleping something else. Just to be clearn, it's the move route that was used. I want to know what to put in conditional brench for check if npc is curently moving when I talk to him. Thanks.
  10. NPCs moving in different maps

    Hello! I wanted to make a Dating Sim kind of game where you play as a young teen, which moved to a new town blablabla. It should be inspired mostly by Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley (without farming) but I have a problem: Is there any possible way to make a NPC move around on a (not TO...
  11. notmexicanjose

    Putting Text on moving events

    OK. So, I have an event with a move route that goes up and down and I want to make the said event say something or show a text when I press the action button without facing me or changing its move route. I imagine it would look like the player is listening or eavesdropping on the event. I...
  12. MiniBeast2002

    Plugin Request: In Battle Moving Enemies

    I would like a plugin that makes enemies move in battle. Example: Every turn the zombie gets closer to you. Once it gets close enough it attacks. You can hit it back to its starting point by hitting it when it's close. If it's not close then you can only use ranged attacks. Any...
  13. EmptyHrGlass

    Map Transistion

    I'm trying to make it so that I can move from one map to another by walking to the edge of any map side, while only using one event square.  I've read a forum page from another site how to do it but it just doesn't seem to be working for me.  This is what I understood from what I found...
  14. Dacuna

    Encounters While Moving

    Hello, I'm looking for a plugin that allows random encounters while the player is moving by Set Move Route. For instance, when I make the player move from one side of the dungeon to the other automatically, I would like random encounters to happen (they don't by default, apparently)...
  15. Animate moving birds

    Hello guys I'm having a problem in which I dont know how to create birds that fly from one end to another? I have seen others use this but I dont really know how to or what to do.
  16. NPC's Move While Waiting

    I have some NPC's moving around in my game with autonomous movement, and I don't want them to move around while waiting from the "Wait..." Command in an event. I found a simple script from someone with a similar problem. class Game_Event < Game_Character alias...
  17. chriiss6

    Events stop my character from moving

    So I seem to have a problem where if I have any autorun events, they stop my character from moving at all, I can change the direction I am facing, but I cannot move around. Has anyone else had this problem, what can I do to fix it?
  18. Wolf Rawrrr

    Turning in Place Before Moving

    Hello *woof* I would like to have my character turn in place before moving when a directional key is pressed that does not correspond to the direction the character is currently facing, like the way movement works in the Pokémon games. So if the character is facing down and the player presses...
  19. PotionDose

    Getting An Object That is Not a Player to Move?

    As the title says I am trying to get an object to move that is not an actor like a bush that the player can still stand on. I've tried using the define movement route but it wouldn't move. I also tried Customizing autonomous movement but still, no luck. Thanks in advance! :D
  20. Event/Player Collision Detection

    Been trying to recreate a project made with VXAce in MV and I noticed some problems while testing the collision detection with moving events. I'm using events that are set to a route and kill the player when the event touches the player, or the player moves into the event. Problem is when...

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