1. MeowFace

    On Water Events

    Here's another snippet that has been asked for over and over again but never get addressed as far as i am concern. When someone asked for a script to let events move on water, the answer they get is: Set the event to "through", then get a script to restrict the event movement to regions. Not...
  2. Dacuna

    Random Encounters When Moving

    In one section of my game, I'm making a labyrinth where the character moves on his own, in the direction the player chooses. For instance, the character moves down, and when he reaches an intersection, the player chooses "Left" or "Right". The only problem is, I want to add in random...
  3. Moving problem

    Hello everybody I've got a problem with rpg maker vx rtp. Every single game has the exact same issue: my character immediately starts moving left until it hits the limit, if I press right it starts moving upwards, then I end in the top left corner unable to move anywhere... Anyone got any...
  4. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    How can I move RPG Maker VX ACE to a new computer?

    Okay let's make this short, cause my computer is going to change everything in a second...I have RPG Maker on Steam and how can I bring it over to my other computer? I have it backed up but will it still say 30 day trial? I really need help cause I already have it and I'm not paying again...
  5. Zio

    Moving Side walk

    Looking for a reference resource on a moving side walk that is viewed both vertical and horizontal. Since I am creating my own tilesets, I am looking for references in regards to the perspective view point. I tried to use google images but was unable to find an image with the correct view. ...
  6. MusicWizard

    Moving NPC with Light Source.

    Hello fellow RPG Maker game developers. I got a question but i am not sure i am in the right part of the forum. Anyways. I am trying to get an NPC and MOB that are moving around as an Event to have an light source that follows them while they are moving around in random. How to make it work...
  7. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    A moving title screen?

    For my game, I need a moving title screen and I don't know how to do it, I want to have like icicles falling and the screen moving I've played games where the title screen moves so I know it's possible is it a script or what? Please help!
  8. Jxkl5

    How do you stop the player from moving?

    I'm trying to make a cut sceen where the player is sleeping then woken up. But every time, the player can move during the script. I would upload the event, but I don't know how to. Also, one of my Guards won't move... I have him set up exactly the same as another moving charecter, and I...
  9. dahilig007

    Parallel Process (Talking NPC)

    I was working in a particular project when suddenly.. I thought of an idea About NPCs talking to each other. Well normally we use "Stepping Animation" to make them look like talking. So I was wondering of putting the "Stepping Animation" to both NPCs in Parallel Process so the player can...
  10. RenegadeForce

    Moving the title screen options

    Hey... Whats up? I was wondering for my upcoming game if it was possible to move the title screen options (new game, continue, exit...etc) to the far right-handside of the screen instead of the middle.... I plan to have a saddened soldier (on the far right) standing on a mountain using is...
  11. Korros

    Moving Background Title Screen Script

    Hello people QAQ! So I've been working on my game for some days, and now I want to make some cool title screen with an RTP-Style background without changing how the menu looks or works, and if possible one that you can adjust the speed and what direction will the image move. Also if you could...
  12. Kazuki

    Events moving off map

    I was wondering if were possible for an event to move off map and then come back in a different area. For example, like a car zooming through the area then when it reaches the edge of the map it would go off screen and then few seconds late appear on a different part of the map as if it were...
  13. ZoroarX

    What are you? A statue???

    ZoroarX here! Today, I need help with the battle mechanics of the RPG. I don't want the enemy to be stopped like a statue. How do I make the enemy keep moving, like the actor? I need help!
  14. Looking for help for a bunch of things related to events.

    So  I am trying to make my opening scene, I want to have two NPC's walk up together, face each other and have a back to back conversation with each other, and once that is done I want to move one of the same NPC's off screen. What I did was I made two "events", I chose the NPC's I wanted for...
  15. arcana23

    Thinking about moving overseas

    Just thought I would update. I plan to move to England for a year or two. I got accepted at two Universities, Southampton and Liverpool. Anyone familiar with them? I'm getting a Masters in Music Composition. And probably a PhD!

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