1. Drake616

    MP of first party position

    So I got interchangeable party leaders, and I would like to know if there's a simple script for decreasing a single (party position 0)'s party member current MP.
  2. yyugi

    RMMV Shared MP?

    New to this forum so hopefully I posted in the right spot. I'm trying to implement a mechanic to make it so your entire party shares a single mana pool, but I haven't had much luck when searching for plugins or alternatives. I'm open to the idea of using eventing to achieve this effect, but I...
  3. tale

    Auto Battle & Very Fast Battle | Special Exhaust Skill

    Auto Battle & Very Fast Battle - Jun 8, 2016 Creator name: Sasuke KANNAZUKI Overview - AutoBattlePlus.js : add auto battle command and so on. - VeryFastBattle.js : battle exceeds very fast when specified key(s) down. For more information, read plugin help. Video preview Thanks to...
  4. Parallax Panda

    Yanfly's Leech Seed - But remade for MP?

    Yanfly made a lot of useful Tips n Tricks videos, including how to make the Leech Seed skill from the Pokemon games. I'd like to make a skill in the same way, but have it leech MP instead of HP. Yanfly's setup is this. First there's a skill, this skill is very simple and all it does is applying...
  5. What is the HP/MP/TP Transfer/Absorb Skill Formula?

    For one example, let's say I have a skill that shaves off 15 HP/MP/TP from one party member and gives that to an ally, but the user in question has less than 15 HP/MP/TP; I don't want the party member getting more than what the user sacrificed. You could substitute the 15 for a percentage...
  6. DarkSeraph

    Resetting magic to 50% before battles.

    So I'd like to have the game reset each actor's magic to 50% of their max at the beginning of each battle. The actor's regen magic throughout the battle allowing them to use weaker skills over and over but they would have to save up MP to cast more powerful spells. Anyways. The core game...
  7. Gabenslair

    Looking for a certain plugin involving MP magic

    There was a certain plugin which made MP more "exclusive" to certain spells, like ice spells having their own sub MP costs and fire having their own, and vice versa, but i couldn't find it.
  8. mangaka7

    YEP Equip Core HP/MP Issue

    Hey guys, I've been having issues with YEP Equip Core since I installed it way back. I never dealt with the issue because I was busy mapping and doing other things. I was hoping the updates would fix this issue, but it persists. Maybe I'm an idiot and I'm doing something totally wrong. The...
  9. Milennin

    [Request] Renaming MP mid-game

    Not sure if a plugin like this exists or how hard it is to make, but I'm looking for something that allows me to change the name used for MP to something different through a plugin command in the middle of the game. Scenario example: The Hero starts with MP as their fuel for casting skills, but...
  10. Nilom

    Turning MP into Rage, Energy, etc.

    Does anyone know if there is a plugin like Yanfly's Enhanced TP but that lets you manipulate MP instead? I want to keep TP as an additional limitation for strong skills. So I would like to use MP for Rage, Energy, Focus or what not. :LZSsmile:
  11. Deriving Max Hit Points?

    Hi! I've lurked here for a while. Now I've joined. I'll introduce myself and so forth another time, though. My question is simple enough. Most of the stats work well enough with a little tweaking, renaming, and plunging them into damage formulas and so forth. What I'd like to do is add another...
  12. Final Fantasy III-Style MP System

    I'm looking to use the MP tier system in Final Fantasy III. Ideally I'd like to be able to use it with the Equip Battle Skill Plugin from Yanfly.
  13. EndgameContent

    Set MP Before Battle Starts (Solved)

    Hey folks, been currently messing with alternate resources to replace MP, although I'm running into one major hitch - from what I've seen so far, there's no way to set a Class/Actor's MP at the start/end of battle. So, for example, if I were to have a resource like WoW's "Rage" that starts at...
  14. Soryuju

    State Which Prevents MP Loss?

    I’m interested in making a state which locks the target’s MP to its maximum value for the duration of the state. Is this sort of effect possible to achieve (with or without plugins)? For context, skills don’t cost MP to use in my project, but certain incoming skills may reduce the target’s MP...
  15. Skill attack for all enemies / Settings, MP Cost

    Hi Guys, I wan't to use an Attack Skill for all enemies. The MP Cost of the Attack Skill should always be the same, no matter how much enemys are currently on the screen. Problem: the MP Cost in the settings is only for one single enemy attack. Is there a way to change this to total MP Cost no...
  16. Kloqdq

    RPG Maker MV - Remove Mana completely (Yanfly Plugins used)

    Hi there! So today I have a question regarding a couple of plugins I am using and how I can solve this all be-it minor issues but one that is driving me nuts and just doesn't look good on me if I left it. So as you can see below under parameters, there appears to be a random 0 that exists...
  17. Soryuju

    Hime State Damage Modifiers - Hiding Damage Popup

    I'm using Hime's State Damage Modifiers plugin (http://himeworks.com/2015/11/state-damage-modifiers/) to create a state which adds MP damage to a character's physical attacks. I'm using the b.gainMp command to achieve this, but I wanted to know if it's possible within the plugin to hide the MP...
  18. Soryuju

    MP Damage Questions

    Hey all, I've got two questions related to dealing MP damage to a target: 1) How would I go about making skills which simultaneously deal HP and MP damage? 2) This case isn't directly related to the first, but let's say I want to make a State which adds MP damage to a character's attacks. If...
  19. Frankster300

    25% Chance to gain 25% MP after a successful "Attack"

    Ok, this is going to get complicated very fast... Heres what i want: On every "Attack" action on a specific character: If the attack deals damage, the user who uses this action has a 25% chance to gain 25% of their own maximum mp back. In theory, i also want this to work if a "Attack" action...
  20. TokoWH

    Looking for an EarthBound/Mother style rolling HP/MP plugin

    I've been looking for this for a while now but haven't found any plugins relating to this for MV. Basically, I'm looking for a simple 'rolling HP' system in the style of EarthBound. Where an actor takes damage but instead of instantly taking 'x' amount of damage, the actor's HP bar slowly...

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