mr. trivel

  1. Gravemaster

    Mr Trivel's Hurt Sounds Script Modification

    (If you know of any other script that you think would do the job better, please namedrop it.) (Link to Mr. Trivel's Hurt Sounds script, raw code of the script) Lately I've managed to get voice actors for my game (woohoo!, thank you fiverr) and I now have several voice files with pain grunts...
  2. Roninator2

    Mr. Trivel Crafting modification

    Hello everyone, I'm want to make a small change to the crafting script, but I am getting errors. Mr. Trivel's Crafting script works well, but I want to add in more disciplines. When I do I get an error. The error is on line 761 return @disciplines[id][0] The error only shows up when I...
  3. dragoonwys

    Small help with adding Mr.TS Perks to Yanfly main menu manager.

    Hello, like the title says, I'm trying to add in Mr. Trivel's perks system, into my main menu via Yanfly MM manager The option shows without Yanfly's manager as usual, but when I...
  4. zerobeat032

    MrTS_Battler_BattleUI Spacing

    I'm having the issue with lining up the characters to their proper position within the Battle Status Window. There aren't any parameters to move them or position the battlers either.  I wanted this plugin so I could draw my own characters for the frontview... I'm not sure if this is how it's...

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