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  1. Ms Littlefish

    Noise Removal from MV Audio Base Resources

    Hey there, guys! I don't know who else has noticed, but when listening through much of the MV audio through headphones there is an ever present hissing noise. This is especially noticeable in soft songs and non looping sounds such as MEs and SEs. Anyway, no need to babble. It's rather easy to...
  2. Ms Littlefish

    Ms Littlefish's Fishbowl of Free Music

    Hello, all of you wonderful game makers! I am Ms Littlefish. You can call me Meg. As one might be able to tell, I make music. I hope you all enjoy and find some of my creations useful to your game projects! Terms for Music Credit: Ms Littlefish and/or Megan Murphy Non-Commercial: Yes...
  3. EvilEagles

    Ms Littlefish

      Tomb Raider - Ms Littlefish   Status: In Transit Cleared: 0/100 Rank: Mark of Bravery    Please specify which theme you are doing when submitting entries. You may request for an update of your status bar any time. Feel free to put it in your signature for bragging rights. If I forget...

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