1. mobychan

    MSS Text SE

    Text SE - V1.0 Last Update: 2012.07.23 Updates: N/A Script Description: This Script plays a SE you define in the module at the top every x letters. These settings can be made in a module: SE File Name Pitch Range Volume Interval(x) List of methods: Compatible Scripts: Should...
  2. mobychan

    MSS - Correct Sprite Display

    Correct Sprite Display - V1.0 Last Update: 2012.06.26 Updates: 2012.06.26: Update to V1.0: Script made Script Description: This script corrects how sprites will be displayed, to prevent errors happening when the sprite is higher than 32px and the tile above it is set to star...

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Why you do this? Now I have to buy the new RPG Maker xD
I've always dreaded planning for my games so I just didn't plan at all. That... didn't work out after all. :kaosigh:
Turns out it can be kind of fun if you keep the scope small and don't take it way too seriously.
well... for the first time in months... I feel like my game is headed towards something again. I finally have it where I won't be drawing battle assets for the rest of the year...
What I would give to actually get some feedback on my game...

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