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  1. RMMZ VisuStella [Multi class X Victory aftermath compatibility Patch]

    So as I stated in help a while back, the victory aftermath for leveling up only shows when the main class levels, However my project has it so stats and abilities are only gained through subclass so without the window to pop up when the subclass levels Ill never be able to show that the subclass...
  2. VisuStella [Multi class X Victory aftermath compatibility]

    So I ran into an issue with these two plugins, If everything levels up at the same time everything is fine and dandy, but if the subclass levels at a different rate, it doesn't show skills learned or stat increases in the victory screen, is there any way to fix this?

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From China, with...white paper. :kaojoy:
This is a really good video
Testing Parry/Counter system straight from Action Sequence instead of utilizing the default counter.
Quite happy with the result so far.
This just blew my mind.
RMMZ can choose Tilesize.
No complicated Plugin needed, it is a simple inbuild Option.
This means you could literally use all your rm2k3 or vx-ace Tilesets and Characktersets in RMMZ.
This also makes me curious about experimenting with smaler Tiles and higher Screen Resolutions for non RPG Games.
Did you know about this?

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