multiple endings

  1. ninjaconor

    RMMV Escape from Greyrock

    Escape from Greyrock Synopsis Choose your friends! Choose your enemies! Save the world or abandon it. An open-world RPG with 100% original artwork. You are a prisoner in Greyrock Prison, one of the toughest jails in all the Cestreyan Empire. Why are you there? Were you a thief turned in by a...
  2. QZProductions

    RMVXA Turovero: The Celestial Tower (Dark Fantasy RPG with Light Horror)

    Long ago, our world was created, born from the wishes and dreams of four benevolent gods. From Their hands sprang forth life; from Their imagination, a purpose for that life. Under the guidance of the Four Gods, the land flourished. The people used Their generous gifts to cultivate the land, to...
  3. KrimsonKatt

    RMMV Generic RPG Quest 3! A trilogy no one asked for.

    Hello everyone! DewottKid (also known as KrimsonKatt) here and today I would like to share with you my first game since the change from VX Ace to MV and Dragonspirit99 to KrimsonKatt! It is called Generic RPG Quest 3. (You made have seen ads for it on my signature) I think right now I got it...
  4. Meike

    RMMV Well, Yu Will Be A Prince

    Well, Yu Will Be A Prince SECTION A: SYNOPSIS Yu will be getting married to Princess Hime, but Yu will need to get some things done before he reaches the castle. Battling his way through the kingdom, Yu will gather everything needed for the wedding and perhaps listen to some superstitious...
  5. Matseb2611

    Snares of Ruin 2

    Buy on Steam: $6.99 (click the button below) Features: A sequel to a largely loved detective story with romance, this time taking place in another city. Choices and consequences. Your choices will affect the events of the story and the level of trust the others have in you...
  6. 9gramsofpersonality

    RMMV God's World

    Plot [/SPOILER] Gameplay Mechanics Characters [/SPOILER] Setting Images and Screenshots Special Thanks
  7. ViolentFerret

    RMMV Pineport

    DISCLAIMER: This game contain images of violence / gore and handles topics like psychological disorders, abuse, suicide and religion. (Only the protagonists)
  8. Hopeless Dreamer

    RMMV Titans of Illumia (15+hrs Non-Linear RPG)

    Synopsis Explore the mysterious island of Illumia with it's many secrets and treasures. Non linear interactive gameplay allows you to choose how you play with different routes and endings. Progress is determined by the treasure you collect allowing you to clear obstacles and beat bosses without...
  9. Industrial Gamer

    RMVXA A Cure from Reality

    --------A Cure From Reality-------- -------Industrial Robot Games------ This game is an RPG with graphics inspired by Earthbound. In this game you explore a strange land different from what you're used to. Inanimate objects trying to fight? Monsters and other beasts walk the...
  10. Pilgrim Adventures

    The Deed

    This game is no longer available for free download. Sorry about that! An improved and updated version of the game will be available commercially.
  11. Koi

    Qui Domi DEMO

    After two years of on-and-off work, the demo for my game "Qui Domi" is ready to play! I will be working on it and updating it as it develops. Synopsis   Annabelle, while wandering about her room, finds a strange visitor from another realm, bearing some bad news: Grotesque beasts are...
  12. Saro0fDemons

    An Unlikely Adventure Beta V1.1

    1.3 Update! Download -Pressing Q and W cycle through options in status window,equipment view,combat viewing enemy info, etc. -Added Moverestrict script - Credit to Yanfly - keeps character out of water, allows certain enemies to move through it -Realized Yanfly scripts are one of the greatest...
  13. "The Sheltered"

    The Sheltered A Game By Benjamin Famiglietti Now Available on Desura: Questions/Comments:     One fallout shelter. Four beds.  Tomorrow they drop the bomb.  You're the man with the gun. In this post-outbreak world, where...
  14. Alexander Amnell

    Choices in gaming (how much weight to them is to much?)

    Context for those that want context    My question is this. How much weight should player decisions be allowed to have in a video game? People talk all the time about how disappointed they are with the 'illusion of choice' in games where you end up either being a paragon of goodness who saves...
  15. Tommy Gun

    Simple Karma/Morality System (Video)

    How to create a morality system (aka karma, alignment, etc.). We'll use a single variable and set up some quests to determine if you're good or evil, then set two different endings to the game. Visit for a list of scripts I use...
  16. Third Realm

    The battle system looks quite interesting! I think I'll give it a try :)

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