multiple parties

  1. oToToToToTo

    Ogre Battle: MOTBQ Party System

    I'm looking for something probably not possible in RPG Maker MV: Mouse based, set-destination, based movement. When you are controlling a party you click and you set them to auto move to this location, while freely panning around the map. Basically, RTS style movement. I was looking at using...
  2. Multiple Parties Group

    Hi, it would be great if there's a plugin to allow the user to have multiple parties like in the last dungeon/part of Final Fantasy 6. An example will be, say we have 30 heroes in our party and we can create different groups with each one consisting of a Leader + 3 or more members accompanying...
  3. Twisted_Warlok

    Multiple Party Script bound to key press

    Hello all! I'm looking for a script that can switch between 3 separate parties with the ability to call script calls to create said parties, add/remove members or even delete said parties which could also be bound to key presses and switches. It would really be nice if it could be compatible...
  4. Dark_Metamorphosis

    Setting up different parties.

    Greetings. So I need some help with figuiring out how to split up different events with different parties. It's nothing new really, but I want to be able to to switch to a new party at a different location. As a reference I can include some of the Final fantasy games for instance (like...

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