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    Free HQ Music / Scores / Cues

    Hey there ;-) I'm Niko, a professional music composer from germany ;-) I've just started a project for free HQ Music / Scores / Cues that can be used for you game projects ... Free License The condition is mentioning the music source. Music by Boris Merkfeld
  2. mariosello1

    SERVICE Music Composer looking for Projects

    Hi! My name is Mario Sello Nuñez and I’m a music composer and producer for games, films, commercial and media. Now I’m looking for projects to work with! I'm very versatile in terms of genres of music, my strengths are: - Rock/Metal - Pop/Electronic - Orchestral - Rap/Hip Hop - Funk/Soul/Jazz...
  3. zebby

    Zebby's Soundtrack Corner

    Hey-o! Zebestian here with some music to share! I've been composing for a little over four years now and I wanna show you what I've made so far and what I'm capable of. I'm also planning on making these available as resources at some point later on. I'll make sure to let you know and post...
  4. S . Λ . R (Cinematic film-score duo)

    Hi RPG Maker Hope your all well, I go by the artist name: ( SINIUS ) I've started a new alias production for film music production called S . Λ . R This project consists of myself and CO-Producer Atmospheric Research, we started our collaboration around 6 months ago and have produced around...
  5. Nerdboy

    New! Just Released Creative Commons Chiptunes Album

  6. Tanarex

    Trying to find composer for song

    Looking for the composer of the song 'little addiction.'
  7. GoodSelf

    Are you a musician? Share your work here!

    Hey all, In addition to playing RPG Maker, I also sing and play guitar! You can listen to both of my albums for free here: And also follow me on twitter at: Does anyone else play music? Post a link to your material and share it with...

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