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  1. Bit By Bit Sound

    SERVICE Bard looking to join a party

    Hey everyone! I'm a composer looking to join a team. I've worked on about 17 different games, and while I will work in any game genre, my specialty is JRPGs. Here are some samples of some 16 bit tunes I made in action: You can check out the rest of my portfolio for more samples and...
  2. imdb55

    [MV] Lots of musics & one faceset request

    MUSICS Hi there. I'm still developing my RPG game and completed my first demo version. Unfortunately it didn't make it into this web because my game was contained soundtracks from the other game. (Yes. I've made a mistake and I apologize for that. Even I was added a credits. Now I deleted these...
  3. ScytheX

    need help with making OGG/looping music

    Resource Type: Music/OGG Maker Format: i'm using Ace but i guess it could be considered for all game formats Description: i'm working on making OGG files for looping songs. i know how to do them and i can but i'm kind of bad at it and need a little help. i have a hard time trying to fine loop...
  4. brunobay.g

    Setting a specific battle music per enemy type

    Hi there, the following thread represents exactly what I am seeking right now: In a few words, I would like to associate different battle musics for different troops. I've managed to accomplish this...

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