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  1. 'Change Battle BGM' causing game to crash.

    Hi, I've been making a game for a friend for a while now and during one scene at near the start of the game I had the battle BGM change to a different one than the default one as it's supposed to be a boss battle. It was fine for ages. However today I decided to change the order of an autorun...
  2. PonchoDiaDingo

    Need music? Look no further!

    Hey everyone, I'm new to RPG Maker, and even newer to this community, but I've been making music for over 14 years now and would be more than happy to create custom music for your game, completely free! You can listen to a few samples here. The music I can make ranges from atmospheric...
  3. does anyone have this rtp music

    hey so i needed a little extra music for my game and i came across this and i really wanted to use the battle 4 music but its not in rpg maker mv for some reason or maybe its in another file? im not sure i tried searching youtube rmmv OST battle 4 and nothing came up either
  4. how do i add my own enemies

    hey so im trying to add my own enemies in the game and they show up in resource manager but you cant place them so there seeable like the default rtp assets and how do i give enemies there own music that plays in battle
  5. Do we have the right to use RPG Maker's DLC on other engine or Youtube clip?

    I suddenly have this idea. Basically, when buying these music DLCs on, they say to me that these DLCs use for RPG engines ( RPG Maker; Visual Novel maker) However, I wonder if we have the legal to use the same DLCs ( music; battlepack;...) on other engines like Game Maker...
  6. Schwipsy

    RMMV Any plugin or way to randomize BGMs or have a music playlist?

    I'm gonna have the player walk around the same town doing a bunch of stuff most of the time, and I want to actually change the music up, like have one track after the other. How can I do this?
  7. raeleus

    Free Music For Your Games From New Artist

    Hey all! I just wanted to share a nice music resource for all of you. Devynn from Echo Blue Music is an accomplished musician of over 30 years experience. I've encouraged my good friend to start making tracks for my fellow game developers. Please check out his work here...
  8. SushiAssado

    I having a question about a song.

    I'm with a commercial project, and I'm using this song as a battle theme, but I do not remember where I downloaded it, someone knows if it's from a game or artist, and if it's available for commercial use?if yes let me know. Sorry if I'm asking in the wrong area. here is:

    Free HQ Music / Scores / Cues

    Hey there ;-) I'm Niko, a professional music composer from germany ;-) I've just started a project for free HQ Music / Scores / Cues that can be used for you game projects ... Free License The condition is mentioning the music source. Music by Boris Merkfeld
  10. Open source Rpgmaker BGM

    Hello all, I recently purchased MV over the holidays as my first foray into Rpgmaker. I am also an amateur composer and have been working on making stock BGM for a project called Opensource RPG maker. Since the project is open source the music would be free to use in any Rpgmaker software as...
  11. Kinzarks

    Greetings, Makers.

    Hello to you all, fellow creators. My name is Kinzarks and I am a novel composer and voice actor; I've come here since a good lot of the games I love are actually made with rpg maker (Looking at you, Ib) so I believe this would be a good place to start. I'm a pianist and saxofonist, and I also...
  12. ScytheX

    need help with making OGG/looping music

    Resource Type: Music/OGG Maker Format: i'm using Ace but i guess it could be considered for all game formats Description: i'm working on making OGG files for looping songs. i know how to do them and i can but i'm kind of bad at it and need a little help. i have a hard time trying to fine loop...
  13. JonathanKaz

    SERVICE Hi, i'm Jonathan Kaz, a video game composer.

    Hello, my name is Jonathan Kaz, i’m a video game composer student of Music College Fermatta, in Guadajalara Mexico. I’ve worked with people before on the indie game Carpe Diem: Reboot (will be released on autumn this year) and a lot of unfinished projects who unfortunately never saw the light...
  14. Nerdboy

    New! Just Released Creative Commons Chiptunes Album

  15. bgm stuff i made

    Koldsack - Across The Ocean's End (End Theme) 16 mb Google Drive: Mediafire: Koldsack - Across The Ocean's End v2 (End Theme)...

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