1. Free 16bit RPG Music Pack by yours truly

    18 tracks of authentic sounding 16bit and 32bit music using sounds from games like Pokemon Emerald, Link to the Past, Super Mario RPG, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Mother 3, and other GBA, DS, SNES and N64 games. It's got leitmotifs, jazzy harmony, ocarinas, the exact sound that Mikau uses...
  2. AxoloStories

    RMMZ DDR/FNF outside battle mechanic??

    Firstly, I know there are several threads about this, but in my game I want to integrate several musical puzzles in game that only one character can solve, but also in the prologue I want to do a type of battle like FNF (reference down below) where two characters decide what kind of music to...
  3. castor_online

    I composed this epic music, inspired in beavers.

    I composed this on my birthday, I also made the video in Camtasia. I hope you like it!
  4. Ms Littlefish

    Ms Littlefish's Stuff Showcase

    ~A.K.A. Meg has too many hobbies~ Music for music's sake - yep, music that was made just to listen to, no game, no project Ocean of Stars first composed in 2010, this re-record is from 2020 during the lock down. A lot of my inspirations come from cosmic and natural elements but this was...
  5. Daisetsu

    Some Music from my Game

    I've decided to make my self-made music from my game "Akaime" available to you free of charge (either sampled or recorded by myself). Maybe the music will please one or the other. ^^ You are free to use the music for your non-commercial projects of all kinds. Have fun and as always...
  6. Carogui1

    Paws In Bloom OST

    Hi Fellows! A few days ago I participated in my first game Jam, "The Cozy Spring Jam", so I made the soundtrack for this super cute visual novel game, I was happy with the result, the team and I are going to work on some things after the Jam period is over, but in all it took 3 days to do...
  7. DoubleX Music Room

    I never thought even I could make some music, but I don't know if mine would be too unpleasant to hear, so it takes me some courage to share them here :) [/SPOILER]
  8. contentdeleted

    RPGMania - Stepmania/DDR Minigame with chart support

    RPGMania v1.0 Stepmania/DDR style rhythm mini-game with .SM chart support and pseudo-3d background visuals. Source Code Demo Project (Updated: v1.0.1) Features Support for most .SM chart features with correct note timings Background visuals with character sprite that moves to the music...
  9. TriviaHQ

    OFFER Musician seeking Project!

    What's up guys, hope you are well! I'm looking to join a team as a composer :) I wouldn't expect any payment and since I don't really make computers games there wouldn't be too much I'd want in return... just the usual credits. This is something I am passionate about, and this would help...
  10. TriviaHQ

    [Music][Requests] TriviaHQ's Music Request Space

    Firstly, thank you for visiting my page! I'd like to offer my services as a composer / producer to all of you game makers. I have a huge passion for music, especially the RPG style. I have been doing this for many years as a hobby and since finding this site I'd be very happy to know that my...
  11. Stop common event refreshing

    Hi, i'd like to make a common event as a music player. But everytime i change map the common event refreshes itself so it interrupts the song. Any ideas how can i avoid this problem? Thanks for the answers!
  12. castor_online

    Short musical love theme (Free to use if you wish)

    Hello community! I want to share a very short love musical theme I did yesterday, or it's pretended to be a love theme... do you feel it like a love theme? I'm not used to do this kind of type or love/romantic stuff. I hear your comments. You can use it freely if you find it suitable! Just...
  13. Kain Nobel

    Kain Nobel "Lightning Strikes!" 2023 NEW ALBUM

    Welcome to the Kain Nobel experience! (Go ahead, use your mouse to pick my nose. I dare you. Click on a nostril to dig for gold. Go go go!) Just to clarify, I just made a new album. Click the photo and you can listen to it. Also, links to my YouTube and SoundCloud are in the signature below.
  14. GalaxDev

    How do you like my new songs?

    Hello, It's been awhile since I last posted, but I was just wondering what you guys think of my new songs that I'm going to use in an RPG(Game Engine TBD.) I hope you guys like them! An unfinished song: https://tinyurl.com/rcjur7hf Heart Stroke REMASTERED(likely for final...
  15. castor_online

    New Song "Curious Minds"

    I want to share the new music I just uploaded to my YT channel. Is for the Title Screen of an incoming video game. I hope you like!
  16. arcana23

    I have a number of compositions for use

    Hi all. I'm Nick and I have a lot of music to share. Please acknowledge me if you use any in your games. Also I'd love to see your game that you use my music in. Listen and download music here - my personal website Youtube: @FractalZoomComposed
  17. AnneLaurant

    Looking for Happy Energetic Battle Music

    Yo, anybody here who can point me to a nice music resource that offers happy, energetic battle music? I'm kind of looking for something like this or the Annihilation Pack, but not too hard on the ears. I wish to use this kind of music for my RMMV game that is currently in the works, and while I...
  18. Luna117

    Progressive/Layered Music Script for VXAce?

    So in the game I'm making there's a puzzle in which you need to collect musical notes that add a voice to the music already playing, like progressive/layered music. Is there a script for that or could that be achieved through eventing? I've searched for scripts but I've found nothing. I assume...
  19. Synchromystic

    Pause music in MZ when not in focus?

    I've found posts that addressed this problem for previous editions of RPG Maker, but is there a plugin for MZ that will pause the game's audio when the game's window is not currently active? Some of my game ideas absolutely require that the audio stays in sync with the visual aspects / event...
  20. Soap4

    Suggestion Access sound test/music player directly from database

    Description of the Feature: I was just thinking how nice it would be to have a button on the corner of the database to open the sound test. It was in RPG Maker 2003 and was pretty handy when spending lots of time in the database. Mockups: Something like this... Why is this feature good? This...

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