1. NatePlays

    RMMZ Music Crossfade between Map-Battle?

    I was thinking to implement some sort of Music Crossfade, like the one seen in Fire Emblem Awakening/Fates, where the battle music continues where the map music stopped, now with more drums and other instruments. From searching a lot, I found some projects but no plugin releases: - Neon Black...
  2. EpicFILE

    EpicFILE AniGame Remix [Today's Post: Final Cry or Devil Fantasy? | FF & DMC Music Mashup]

    Hello folks! I've been making music for a long time, mostly original music. Recently I'm trying to remix the music of anime and video games. It's a lot of fun and I want to share it with you. Today's post is the remix of DMC5 Vergil Theme, "Bury The Light". I think it really get a lot of hype...
  3. Santana

    RMMZ A really short story: I miss you - [One map challenge]

    I miss you is a short story driven game inspired of and made for the one map challenge with the new RPG Maker MZ. There aren't great mechanics but a hard focus on music and script writting. It takes aproximately twenty minutes to complete it, time in which you can get delighted by the awesome...
  4. Using Music from a previous RPG Maker

    Hello, I’m currently using RPG Maker MV and want to use music from RPG Tsukūru 2, which is an SNES version released in 1996 by ASCII. Would I be able to use this music for a game released commercially? Would owning the physical game help?
  5. Looking for SNES style music packs

    Hello, I’m looking for a 16-bit SNES style(Not Mega Drive, 8-bit or Chip Tune.) music pack that fits the jrpg genre(FF, Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire.)that can be used commercially. These seem to be hard to come by but really give a game an authentic retro feel. Does anyone have anything they...
  6. Iqus

    MV/MZ - INV TrackTroop - Change battle music depending on troopID

    Do you want your boss battles to use a different Background Music without having to use event commands? Are you planning on having riddle enemies that would use a different, more mysterious music track? This plugin allows you to specify different tracks for different enemy troop IDs. You can...
  7. Bit By Bit Sound

    Bert's Music

    Hey everyone, thought I would start a thread to share some of the music I've done over the years. Here is a nice little mish mash playlist just to kick things off. I'll update this thread here and there as I have tons more stuff to share. Let me know whatchu guys think. Enjoy!
  8. Bit By Bit Sound

    SERVICE Bard looking to join a party

    Hey everyone! I'm a composer looking to join a team. I've worked on about 17 different games, and while I will work in any game genre, my specialty is JRPGs. Here are some samples of some 16 bit tunes I made in action: You can check out the rest of my portfolio for more samples and...
  9. KakonComp

    Audio Design in Our Games

    Hello friends who dabble in the dark arts of game creation; I come to you wishing to discuss how everyone's games can be enhanced by various forms of audio, or, are there any sounds common in RPGs that may annoy you to hear if overdone/in general. What runs through your mind when thinking of...
  10. shizuruteru

    How to keep BMG changed in a man

    Im looking for a way to change the music of a map permanently. if I use the change BMG command, the music turned back to the default one every time the map is reset.
  11. Where yo buy music for a Visual Nivel?

    Hi! Im making a visual novel and want to properly buy music to put it on the game AND still be able to sell it. Im pretty new to this so I dont really know mucho about this stuff. Any recomendations? Thanks!
  12. JShaw

    RPG Orchestral Essentials - Royalty-Free Music

    Hey there fellow gamers! I am Jonathan Shaw - a freelance composer and sound designer - and have released a free video game music library with a bunch of royalty-free video game tracks covering various themes and scenarios, all with an orchestral aesthetic and with suggested uses and loop...
  13. Multiple Music Saves

    I would like to try to find/request a plugin that allows multiple songs to be saved. In the base system you can only save 1 song at a time, and Ill need something that allows me to save 2-3 songs. Thanks in advance!
  14. tale

    Shop BGM

    ShopBGM - 2020/03/01 Creator name: Triacontane Introduction During shop scene, shop background music plays automatically. When you return to the map, the map background music resumes. Features - Parameters for selecting bgm | change: volume, pitch, pan | specified switchID - You can make a...
  15. SoftCloud

    Ambient sound mixed with Map BGM

    Good day. So this desire has persisted a while for me. I make use of ambient sounds (candles, dripping water, foot steps) within my game and much like Fallout and Borderlands, there is ambient music with occasional BGMs. I feel my game would atmospherically improve through this method. Is this...
  16. Lunaboo

    Somehow I muted the music and I dont know how to fix it ;-; Please help!

    I think I pressed a button I wasn't supposed to, now my music settings say "-9999999" and I can't use the slider either ;-; Please help!!!!
  17. Nightblade50

    Favorite music artists/genres/songs

    Hi all :) So I was wondering, what genres of music do you like? Rap, metal, classical, etc. And more specifically, favourite artists and songs, if applicable I like electronic most, with pop, rock, and rap coming up second. Deadmau5 is my favourite electronic artist and one of my favourite...
  18. Larry Jones

    [Closed] Music Workshop - Larry Jones

    Hey guys, This workshop is currently closed! Here is some of the music that I've made for people in the past. Thanks, Larry Jones
  19. Small Music Pack - Non-commercial only

    Hey! I'm pretty new here, but I have worked with RPG Maker for a few years now. Anyhow - I produced a few tracks for my games in the past (which have sadly all been scrapped). I recently uncovered some of the original exports of the tracks I made for the games and wish to share them here...
  20. EeveeLatte

    "Add more music parts when it goes to a different map?"

    Hi, so I currently made some music where you're in a winter town and its relaxing. But when you go to a different map (close to winter town but its the battle place) the same music is playing and is consistent but more drums and strings are playing and they get more "suspenseful". (PS im not...

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