1. My Music

    Hi guys, I have been making music for a game that my colleague and I have been working on. I would love to work with all kinds of people. Here are some songs that I have made.
  2. RMXP Pokemon Dream: The Nightmare

    Pokemon Dream: The Nightmare (Looking for members) (You are required at least 2 of the following. You can delete some sections. You can also rename these.) SECTION A: GAMEPLAY MECHANICS SECTION B: CHARACTERS SECTION C: STORYLINE/PLOT SECTION D: SETTING AND/OR WORLD DEVELOPMENT...
  3. Allinardo

    I Make Video Game Music -- For Free(Usually)

    I can make music for you too, if you so desire. Here's some of my work. In 2017 I released two albums, you can listen to them here: I work in a variety of styles, and always coming up with new ideas. I've made some chiptune, adventure, battle, horror, atmospheric, industrial, and a small...
  4. AshteriskGaming

    Questions: Transferring Turns & Character Training

    (I must warn you, I have 27 characters in my current game. This is due to a lot of party switching and parties splitting and mixing in various ways. Characters are also capable of dying due to some events and can be unusable the rest of the game, so having other characters to replace them...
  5. sleepingforestj

    Hello, I am SFJ, a YouTube musician

    Hey guys! Introducing myself here, I am a distinguished composer looking to collaborate on some projects with talented people. I have a large portfolio of quality work, with lots of game experience. Hit me up if you're in need of a musician and we can work something out~ Portfolio: ►YouTube...
  6. Presentation

    Hi, my name is Kenneth and I'm 26, I'm looking forward to improve the community as I can and provide music for your projects. As an ex-RPG MAKER user, I understand how you guys feels about the portofolio spammers, and I'm not one of them, I really think my music can suit at least one of the...
  7. NeroAkuryoo

    Chronicles of Fendram: Two Sided [Recruiting]

    Hello, is everyone doing okay? Right, then let me welcome you to the recruiting thread for "Chronicles of Fendram". Since I don't wan to give too much of the game away here and also don't want you guys to think it's soemthing too basic, I ask you to please understand why I won't enter in details...
  8. The Rise of Hotaru - An Original RPG

    Calling out to Animators, Musician, Artists, Eventers, Mappers   What is the Rise of Hotaru? The Rise of Hotaru is a currently in-development RPG that will be made with RPG Maker VX Ace. How will this game be distrubuted? When the game is in a finished state, I plan to try and get it on Steam...
  9. DoYouEvenFish?

    Looking for an artist, a musician, an animator and a writer

    I am currently looking for an artist, a musician, an animator and a writer for the project I am working on. Once the game has got to the stage where I am happy for it to be seen by the public, it will be put onto steam greenlight. So there is no definite pay (however if the game does make it...
  10. Leigh's Adventure For Leo - Looking For A Team

    Please Join Recruitment Team   In the year 1920, there were two castles, one wielding the powers of darkness, and the other wielding the powers of light. Within no more than a year, the inhabitants of the two castles started a war. Despite the inhabitants of the Light Castle's best...
  11. Felix_Cross


    The name is Felix, but I've gone by Kabuto_Yakushi, Deathborne, and a slew of other names elsewhere. I've been playing around with RMVX since the old unofficial translation, but just started to work seriously with it a month or so ago. I can do audio work (mixing, balancing, effects...

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