1. ahzoh

    Augmented Realities - looking for artists and musicians as teammates

    Hello, my name is Ahzoh and I'm working on an rpgmaker XP project titled "Augmented Realities" until I can find a more suitable title. You can take a look at my official project page here: I would also add that I am a dedicated and meticulous worker in...
  2. SaintInix

    Hall of Nerd needs you! (Recruiting developers, artists and musicians)

    Hall of Nerd has a varied history, born of two friends and their vision for games, gaming and the love of everything nerd-tastic. Steeped in that love, is a genre of games no one can forget, RPGs. The plucky graphics, bouncing sprites and bonus of saving a fictional digital world, always drew...

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I haven't touched the forum or my project for months because a few people were being a little aggressive when I asked for help
Well after half a year of health problems (that aren't as bad as before), and playing with UE4 & 5... I realized I should finish this project before working on something else. So I decided to upgrade my randomizer. And really just focus on compromising wherever I can to finish the project sooner rather than later. :kaoswt:
hmmm. an art of mine was removed from reddit, for a reason not even listed.

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