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    This forum is for discussing topics related to development and distribution of commercial games with Enterbrain's game makers only. Please keep other topics in more appropriate forums. RULES All Forum Rules apply here Do not reveal contractual information (net profits, deals with portals...
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    This is where you can announce your completed commercial RPG Maker, IG Maker, and VN Maker games, and provide buy and demo links. Degica, staff and the RPG Maker forums are not responsible for any illegal content, sales or sale problems. If you have proof that a developer is doing something...
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    Welcome to the official RPG Maker forums. We have a short list of simple to follow rules, so please read through them below. Individual subforums may have more specific rules or exceptions to these rules. NOTE: This is the official forum for RPG Maker products and Visual Novel Maker. We do...

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Why is parallexing so time-consuming? Ive been at it for 8hrs and i havent even finished the map yet :/
It seems MogHunter Twitter is back...
Feedback would be appreciated. To me it feels like the Dad does look a bit too normal and boring.
I think he's missing some features that make him more unique. Opinions?
recovering from surgery that covid caused me to have, im back trying to work on the newer engine on my game. We will see how this goes. I have no idea what to do about conversions
The wings got worse than I expected ... but for now it looks like this:

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