mv 1.6.1

  1. Snarkyfork

    Sharp drop in FPS on all projects, please advise

    For the last week I have been trouble shooting my main project, thinking I had an event error or plugin conflict, because of a sharp drop in FPS (down to below 30 FPS) about every 15-20 seconds while play testing. I just realized that the drop isn't isolated to just my game but it seems to be in...
  2. BK-tdm

    Yanfly Item Core: Get amount of held items?

    One of the few problems i've ran with the item core plugin is that even if you cant buy stuff while your inventory is full you can still pickup items from chests/loot and bypass the item limit. Now if someone could please point me to a script call to get the current amount of items held (the...
  3. ZainWD

    Battlelog Messages (1.6.1)

    Name: Battlelog Messages Hi, this is my first plugin so be gentle. This will let you do battle log stuff more easier, so I hope it helps out anyone who stumbles upon this post. Link: Terms of use: You can use it in any game...
  4. Zinnherz

    MOG's Battle HUD + YEP's Selection Control

    Hey everyone, I know this was asked some time before, but I didn't want to necropost so I thought I would open a new topic for this. I'm currently using Moghunter's Battle HUD as well as Yanfly's Selection Control (and the required Target & Battle Core plugins, of course). All of them are the...
  5. Dutch Power Creations

    Skipping character selection

    Hello everyone, I want to skip the character selection when you click on ITEM in your main menu. Right now when you select it you must select a character and then you go into the item menu. Can the character selection be skipped? I'm using YEP Main Menu Manager and I have tried a **** ton of...

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