1. Help for Skillcore plugin

    I am working with Yanfly's "skill core" plugin. I need to make sure that for a skill to be cast by the character, the character must have an item. I saw that in the guide there is the following code: <Custom requirement> if ($ gameParty.gold ()> 1000) { value = true; } other { value = false; }...
  2. kattongues

    RMMV HELP how to have two inventories in MV? ((kind of like a secondary storage))

    ((im not sure if i posted this to the right place. my bad if not)) So the game I'm working on is focused around a school during Halloween. The plot is that there is a serial killer that attends the school and you need to find clues to figure out who it is...yadda yadda Well basically, I...
  3. KillerPixEEL

    FREE SoulCry Recruitment Page

    Engine: Currently SoulCry is a MV Game but may Change to MZ. I've been running the MV game through the MZ engine. Vision: Much of the negativity that comes from RPG Maker games is that they all look the same. Game makers usually use the supplied graphics and audio rendering them...
  4. KillerPixEEL

    Chrono Engine Help!!!

    I have to issues I'm trying to find a answer for with Mog Hunter's chrono engine (in the Chrono mode not ABS) Use the Image provided for refence. Questions. 1: For some reason when Monster B attacks, It jumps to the character like it should, Attacks and then slowly moves back to it's starting...
  5. KillerPixEEL

    Just looking for some feed back...

    I'm doing a side scroller rpg. I keep changing my mind on the style of characters though. These are the lasts sprites. Give me you thoughts.
  6. Knighteriius

    MV Using the Grid With Alternate Tile Size

    Hello, I hope this is the right place to make a thread about this because it's about MV but might be a problem with my mapping or not using a script properly. I've been recently making a game in MV and my favourite tilesets are all in 32x32 and not 48x48. So I've used the script by Shaz that...
  7. Mark_Lecarde

    Bokou's parts in .rxge format 2

    This is already the second post, because the first one was blocked, like a copy of the previous one, but 24 has already passed and I get the legal right to re-issue that thread without bans and other bad things. I still need these parts by Bokou...
  8. Mark_Lecarde

    Bokou parts in rxge please...

    I know i might get you bored but only you can help me... I cant import his parts and really need help with them
  9. mishak

    Time Fantasy Style Items

    Recently I purchased the time fantasy resource packages and have been searching for additional tiles and such to accompany them. So far I've found finalbossblues website as well as GolfHacker's generator goodies. Is anyone familiar with additional artists/resources? I'm primarily using VXAce...
  10. Variable options in the choices menu

    Hello! I am trying to make a game with a battle system in the event page. I am doing this because I want to make the battle as customizable as possible, and mostly of my own doing, as well as cutting down on the animations that I have to draw. I have most of the kinks of the system worked out...

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