mv battler

  1. BlueVikingr

    Gazebo Battler

    Resource Type: animated sideview battler Maker Format: MV Art Style: RTP or as close as possible Description: I've decided to add an infamous D&D in-joke to my game- the Dread Gazebo. What I need is, well, a sideview battler of a gazebo. White, preferably, with an arrow sticking out of one of...
  2. Critical hit sound effect and general effects

    For a long time now I've been looking around for a plugin that would allow me to add in a sound effect (and maybe a picture) every single time a critical hit is triggered. The only thing I could find was a dead link that was shut down due to the "creator" stealing code. Then I thought, why don't...
  3. Amenti

    Eterna's MV Battlers edits

    I had an hour of free time today, so I went ahead and worked on an MV battler. (I was told that I could, that's why I did so) Anyway, I like these kind of battlers, I find them kind of cute, but since I didn't find a cyclops available for use, I decided to make one, a female cyclops. It's...
  4. emelian65

    RPG MV Edits (Battlers and Icons)

    Term and Conditions: Everything posted in this thread can be used freely in non-commercial games. Comercial games have to explicibly ask permision to use them either in the thread or by private message by this site. Credit to me Emelian65 is required as well as Kadokawa unless...

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