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  1. Studio Blue

    Character Waits Until After Another (Turn Order Manipulation)

    Hello, and hope everyone's having a fantastic day! We're looking for a plugin that will work with the YanFly STB, the YanFly CTB, or the Olivia OTB. In this instance, we're not able to use any ATB, but if the plugin can work for ATB, then that's fine too. We'll personally be using either STB...
  2. Tonedawg181

    Slightly Randomize Amount of XP Gained For Each Character (SOLVED)

    EDIT: Skip to my second to last comment on the thread for a working result. (near the middle of page 2) So, in most rpg games (not made by rpg maker) not every character receives the same amount of XP after every battle. For example: In Final Fantasy 8, whoever had the killing blow on the...
  3. ScytheX

    Mr. Bubble's KMS Generic Gauge for MV

    would it be possible to make an MV version of this script?
  4. ScytheX

    Burst mode for MV

    if anyone is interested or anything could someone make a plugin version of this script and before any of you go and post this no i don't want yanfly's limit gauge. that's not what i'm looking for. Edit: i'v been told that the link i...
  5. Dream Syrup Games

    Request: Wolf RPG Editor battle system for MV

    Hello! I made a post about this request before, but it was earlier in the year, and I didn't really want to bump a dead thread. So anyway! I'm working on a reboot of an rpg horror I started last year, and I've been needing a battle system for it and future rpg projects, and I love the Wolf...

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Here's the combat sprite of Azrael one of the main characters of our game,
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